The ones who lost the light (Vol.100)


On this July 11, 2008, from the top of Mt. Fuji, I have confirmed the path of light reaching to the heavens, which is different from the Shinbashira foretold by the Japanese diviners to stand on Fuji.

Unfortunately, it does not have the function of an exit that penetrates from the top of Mt. Fuji to the depths of the earth and redeems the souls of sinful people, as many people had hoped.

The savior of the microcosm that each human being forms is his or her own soul, and unless those awakened souls make a new contract to enter the universe of light, they will not be able to ride the path of light that now exists in Fuji. It would not even be perceptible to most of us who have not begun to work in the pathway of light.

In the past, the light of the spiritual realm on earth was available to spiritual beings for good or for evil. It is like an energy resource for human beings, and whoever seized the supply of that light was able to establish dominion over the earth.

How to use that energy was left up to those who knew it existed and had acquired it. As we can see from the history of Buddhism in India, at one point in time, humans even took over the spiritual dominion of the region of India that had been ruled by the gods and gave it to the awakened humans in the name of Buddhism.

In that era, Buddha, who had been a human being, formed the order of the spiritual world in India as the superior being of all the gods.

But, this Buddhist world was eradicated from India eventually.

However, we should not forget that the history of Buddhism also includes the exploration of human secrets, in which humans develop various abilities, unlocking their own potential or using something other than themselves.

If this Buddhist-controlled spiritual world had remained intact, the monotheistic religions handed down by Jesus and Muhammad would not have been able to dominate the world so firmly. In other words, the monotheistic religions that have emerged since then have something that cannot be countered by the human spiritual control capacity created by Buddhism, which began some 2,500 years ago.

I have informed you that it comes from the concept of the devil, which is capable of opposing the God of monotheism. There is an intrinsic wickedness there that cannot be understood by the Eastern value system of accepting both good and bad.

As long as the people of this country speak of the human world in terms of good and evil, its wickedness will forever be incomprehensible and will only be defeated when fought on an emotional level.

The belief in Mt. Fuji in this country has its roots in Buddhism. Similar to the Fuji-kō, a form of faith that organizes pilgrims, is found in Hakusan, Tateyama and Mitake, but its roots can be said to be in Buddhist practitioners. That is the stage the country is at the moment.

I keep telling you that the age of religion is over, but this country is entering that age without even immunization against the demons of monotheism. Furthermore, most people in this country die with the Buddhist worldview of the afterlife in mind.

Nowadays, most of the gods have lost their light and are closed in the microcosm of the human soul in the form of wakemitama. These wakemitama must know that the human form of existence can create even the light that they lost. But there is also a growing evil thought that interferes with its activation.

Fuji(富士*)’s preparation is also fuji(不二*)’s preparation. Those words show that there is only one way out.

The question is whether those who have lost the light will be able to recover their ability to think soundly and begin to walk along the path of light. The only words that came to my mind are, From here on out, it is the work of humans.




July 31, 2008

Seki Tetsuo




富士* (Fuji) means Mt.Fuji.


不二* (fuji) means uniqueness.