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Vol.800+30+67 sorrow of the Buddha



One day in January of 2024, while I was exploring the divinity of the universe, I received a message from the Buddha who left the earth about 2500 years ago. were attempting this journey out of space, think of it as a sort of report of the results.It seems that this discarnate entity, the Buddha, wanted to go outside this material universe and see the universe from the outside, and the long journey was ahead of him to tell us that there is a similar universe outside this universe, and that there are countless things just like this universe. So, as we know, there are parallel universes in this universe, and if we use some method, it might be possible to get there. But if you go to that universe, it’s not the universe that solved this cosmic problem. The story of this parallel universe was not the theme this time, but that the body of conscious energy known by the discarnate entity called Buddha only has an outlet before the beginning and after the end of this universe.

On Earth today, the Last Judgment is under way, but for every body of consciousness that is judged there, there is only a way out before the beginning and after the end.
Since the only way for now to enter the right exit, after the end, is to dwell in the human body, study Shinlogy, and complete the story of the soul, there is no way for even the Buddha to graduate from this universe without passing that way. The Last Judgment is underway on the earth, and the only way out is before the beginning and after the end, even for all the conscious bodies that will be judged there.The only way to enter the correct exit after the end is to inhabit a human body, study spirituality, and complete the story of its own soul, so there is no way for even Buddha to graduate from this universe without passing through that path. That’s where the great sadness comes in.
Because Buddhism was originally a teaching to show the way.

When this information came to me, I was thinking about how the energy of hell, which could be described as a massive black hole that is forming under the Japanese archipelago today, would be processed, and why the god who presides over it was Omononushi. And I was convinced. Omononushi is said to be the presiding god of this material universe. And the material universe is born with energy to materialize.
The energy left in the post-judgment darkness will be used to create the next narrative universe.
The current material universe is said to have been created by the Big Bang, which occurred about 13.8 billion years ago, but it took that time to come to this knowledge.

The dark side,  or  I would say the hellish soul, awaits the fate of repeating the story of a universe more sinister than this one. I will now add to the story of the 144000 souls on earth that I have already reported. (* https://www.godbrain.com/vol-8003063-144000-people/)
The number promised in the Bible seems to be that the whole earth does not mean this number because some souls on the earth today do not have the Bible story stamped on them. But the number of awakened men is still about one in 1000, so there will be no battle on earth between those who go to light and those who fall to darkness.
If such a thing were to happen on this earth, none of the light would survive. It means that the present Japanese archipelago has been prepared as a space and time where such a thing cannot happen.
If you, as a current U.S. citizen, choose to live on the light side, you will face many times the challenges of living in Japan. More than that, countries and communities facing great challenges make up most of this planet.

Under such circumstances, Japan today is a land prepared by heaven where spiritual freedom is guaranteed to some extent, and freedom to think and act. From here, and only from Japanese, will many people realize that the next model of human society on Earth will emerge. Beyond that, the world of Miroku (kingdom of Heaven) which Buddhism, whose founder was the Buddha, assumed, would be born. That’s what this Earth program does.

But there is also a group with some kind of power that wants to stop it and complete the system of the Earth that they control, and humans should know the depth of Buddha’s sorrow as he sees the Earth from space, now covered with the energy of his closed human consciousness. There is only hope beyond that sorrow.


Seki Tetsuo

January 18, Shinki 4 (2024)