Light from a distant world (Vol. 102)



From August 25 to 26, I was informed that the light of the Last Judgment has reached or has reached this world. It will bring about the promised end for the Son of God of the Bible, who are still playing with the names of God and gods, without properly perceiving the world as it is today.

We Japanese are still Son of God of the Bible, as we live in a certain time period, on this earth.

What the “Final Knowledge,” which has already been released, is telling people is that the day will come when the story of God for the last 2,000 years will come to an end.”And the cross of Jesus symbolizes that the human beings who are now living will be held accountable as Son of God, as the vessels of the conscious beings of the Spiritual world, such as the gods and demons. Jesus, who existed as a human being, may have borne the sins of previous human beings, but the sins of the human beings who crucified him must be borne by each and every human being who was born after the cross and knows what it means. If you start from the point of view that Buddha was a human being and so are Jesus and Muhammad, then it is so natural that it makes sense.

To abdicate that responsibility, humans in the past have needed a god or a church, or have accepted an emperor or a king as the ruler of human society. After the Meiji Restoration, which was a turning point in Japan’s history, this Kuni(country) proceeded to build a system that would allow anyone in power to avoid taking responsibility. If you consider the Emperor’s system, which was made inviolable by the Constitution of the Empire of Japan, in relation to the history of this Kuni , it should be clear that it was created by a group of people who needed such a system in order to preserve themselves by making the Emperor inviolable. The current Constitution was also created, if you look at it differently, with the same motivation. It would be correct to say that the history from Perry’s Black Ships to this point has not been the protagonist of this Kuni, but rather the result of the introduction of an alien power not in the tradition of this Kuni.  Such information has been continuously transmitted from the Spiritual world to the human world of this Kuni. People have continued to ignore it, and the result is what this Kuni is today.

The world today is in the midst of a story in which the monotheistic cultures of the Jews, who crucified Jesus and are of the same clan as Jesus, the Christian world, which believes it has inherited the teachings of Jesus, and the Muslim world, which arose from Muhammad, a descendant of Abraham, are stuck and collapsing. We are in the midst of a story of stalemate and collapse.

It seems that it is more practical money logic than religious power that is directing the process. But they could not have happened without the work of human groups trying to make real what has been foretold and foretold in the biblical world.

From now on, the-being-governing-me, at least, denied those who would continue to rule the ignorant people  in the name of God. And for that, my hataraki was needed. So far, my work has been mythologically prepared. And the human being who wishes to take on the task of hataraki from this point forward will be the hero of the story of the light of the next age. As a teacher, it is my mission to convey the potential of that light that they do not yet know.

The reason why I am describing this right now is that from the members who have completed the regular membership 1year-program , the blossoming of the properties of light that correspond to the story of the human being’s given soul will rapidly begin.

Some of them have already reached a level of realm and they have some sort of psychic ability.

Beyond the simple principle that a human being who wishes to  hataraku will also be given the ability , harataki, they should be able to see the image of the righteous God, the source of humanity.

This is because, as I keep saying, you already have the possibility to ascend to the throne of the gods and contact their higher beings. The light of the distant world that I have conveyed will make it clear that the rules of Judgment will also apply to the world of darkness, which is ruled by people with evil intentions.

Humans who live in a false world created by someone of a civilization “All ends when I die”, will get what they deserve.

Humans will die eventually. The form of a living being is thereby divided into a conscious body called the soul and material.

It is time for human beings to realize that the essence of Judgement lies in this mode of death. For those who do not wish to go on from here to the next stage have given up the right to go on themselves.




August 26, 2008

Seki Tetsuo