Japan turns from Darkness to Deep Darkness (Vol.768)


This past July 25, 2021, I went to Takihara Palace, formerly known as Ise in Mie Prefecture. The information I received there was about the critical situation in which the Japanese archipelago is now being covered by the dark side of the earth. My impression is that by the end of the Olympics, up to 99.9% of the Japanese archipelago will indeed be under the occupation of the Akuma (demons) of Gaikoku (foreign countries).

It is a sort of miscalculation for the Japanese God or gods that it is a group of Japanese people, such as the government agencies and the major media, who are the agents of these forces. There seems to be an urgent need to learn from the fact that people who have been given the wakemitama of the gods can easily become servants of the dark forces through education.

I think it can be said that the spiritual world is finally beginning to understand that the reason why the anti-Christ forces have gained so much control over money in the Christian world is as a result of the mass media and education being put under their control.
This is the history of the earth.

Humanly speaking, I think it is impossible for the Light to triumph over the Darkness, but at least for the being that sees the world through me, it seems important that the Darkness be revealed by this.
What is needed for the Last Judgment is a record of the sins written inside each of the individual souls, so it must be finished.

It is time for evil to do more evil.
Why is it that the Japanese archipelago, with such a bleak future, still seems to have hope for the future when compared to the rest of the world?

This is because the Japanese people are not reacting to the various malicious man-made attacks on the Japanese archipelago, but rather the Japanese archipelago itself is working to neutralize those attacks to some extent. The most recent example of this is the Wuhan virus that originated on the Chinese mainland, and the Japanese people continue to have a higher level of immunity than other countries.

The Japanese mass media reports the infection as if it is the same as in Western countries, but these are nothing but the intentions of the human group that controls the world. These events show that after the defeat of Japan in 1945, Japan is under the control of a different human group than the ruling group of the Emperor and the Japanese people around him. Here is an addition to what I know about why the heavens abandoned the Empire of Japan.

For today’s Japanese, the information that Emperor Meiji is a switched emperor is accessible to anyone who wants to know.  For the prewar Japanese, however, it was a life-threatening act just to try to find out such information.

The Empire of Japan, which falsified its history, has today created a debt for the modern nation of Japan that is being blamed for everything by Korea and China, which also falsify their history. The heavens are telling us to learn from this.

Furthermore, as if to sever the relationship between the Ōmikoro and Ōmitakara, the Meiji government created a Japanese aristocracy, and even the people who assassinated Emperor Komei were made nobles.  In other words, the Meiji government destroyed the Japanese system of governance, in which the authority, power, and wealth of the Edo shogunate were dispersed, and completed the unification of power and wealth.

As a result, the aristocracy was extinguished and the conglomerates were dismantled during the occupation of Japan after the defeat of the Japanese Empire, but because their wealth seemed to be shared among the people, it has left a feeling in the Japanese mind to the present day that without the defeat of the war, the world could not have been so improved.

The original source of this was nothing more than the selfish desires of the group of people who held the power and wealth of the Meiji government. At the very least, it seems to me that what Japan gained from its defeat in the war is the freedom to know the truth of history. And that, I believe, is the will of Heaven. Without that will to know, we would not be ready to take responsibility for our mistakes and bear our sins.

In order to make a fresh start as Japanese who receive the wakemitama* of the Japanese God or gods, we must start from knowing the darkness of our country’s history. Therein lies our heavenly destiny.



July 29, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo




The data of gods that have their seats  in the heaven, transferred to human souls are called wakemitama.