The Final Knowledge (115)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

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(Book page 402~404)

It was the soul.
It was the spirit.

There was the only way to solve my companion’s problem. That was to return to the absolute principle of the spiritual world.

Consciousness of those who have awakened
is the strongest

It is the consciousness of an awakened person that I call spirit, but I could not see its core within her. The soul that was supposed to seek for light and ascend was unconscious. The center of her microcosm was not fixed in her human existence. Her existence form to guide on the ground established the state of an acentric microcosm. She was made so that many conscious beings were able to act as if they were the masters of her existence. Accordingly, the ones in ma-kai (the evil world) could easily control her consciousness and body.
To make matters worse, this is Japan. Her recognition of the spiritual world was built in the shape of this country that had been defined in order to place the data of the god world. Japanese indigenous culture, where yaoyorozu no kami (a myriad of gods) are and even human ghosts are worshiped, has obscured the self, which is the concept of human existence, compared to the culture of Christian world, where monotheism has been thought for 2000 years. My companion did not know who “I” was though she insisted every day.
To think out god, the standpoint of the self or ego to face it is definitely needed. Without going through the thinking practice, human-beings would live with the loss of the meaning of human existence, keeping the subconscious of god’s children. The state is, for me, already ma-kyo (evil cave). They would live in the human society in the same state of staying in the womb.
They would live to be completely untouched by the spiritual world, where it is an absolute requirement given to human existence as recipients of souls to personally find the meaning of their birth with the bodies. The meaning of human existence would be lost there. When it came to the problem of the awakening, I always felt like I was questioned which came first, the chicken or the egg. How could human conscious awake rightly? How could they get out of ma-kyo (evil cave)?

To the further abyss.

This was the only answer. I had known it.