The Final Knowledge (41)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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Humans are truly given potential that makes extraordinary ideal and vision realize as the god does. If the ideal of the new kingdom is not supposed there, spiritual evolution will stop soon. Like an ancient civilization, the eternity of a cycle begins. When the history is observed, it is obvious that humans will accept an infinite cycle without doubt, if no external stimulation is given to human conscious activities. In a recent example, Japan with a policy of seclusion would have continued to be in its state if there had not been any foreign pressure. Even though deities make noise, ruling humans will suppress a change. To rule also means to put the lid on human consciousness. If it continues, humans will stop thinking in their head.
On the earth from now on, as for only humans who will awake and become human children, the lids on their consciousness are being taken off. The reason is that humans who do not want to awake interfere the whole with only knowing a little as I suffered in my god-work.
It will be dangerous when evil things in the darkness know about the huge gap of conscious activities between humans who are awake and not. Even now, the difference in intelligence which is the low level of human ability is getting bigger. Humans with high spirituality will expand the area of knowledge and conscious activities more and more from now on. The conflict between new and old humans must not be made to happen there. It is obligation on the part of awoken human children who know more. However, in an old god’s child, there exists a system making that detestable energy of ‘I tolerate no rivals.’ This kind of energy will increase more with a growth in population. The darkness in the spiritual world is getting deeper. A lot of humans, who do not believe they are wrong, will continue to act with the rule that they crucify lambs when they find them. The education must be created in the future in order to change the structure of brains that to hate is easier to think.