The Final Knowledge (3)

There are closing words in the beginning.
【The universe as a story】


 I was given life as the one who got to know it and testified the god. To tell the conclusion first, the god took the responsibility. The god changed the whole spiritual world. According to the rule that it was right for the one who terminated the role to leave, the god became the only one. However, the god is not alone in assuming responsibility. Also humans are asked to take their responsibility by knowing it. All the humans who have been given life now on the earth have taken up, so to speak, the cross of human existence, which is the absolute original sin that humans are the children of god who killed the origin god. In other words, at the root of human soul are deities who stole the god’s secret of the creation and sealed the origin god with that power. That the day when the soul’s responsibility is asked never fails to come is the kernel of the message from the god = GOD that has begun since the era of Jesus.
Awake. Repent. The will behind for the Last Judgment that the day of the judgment comes without fail is directed not only to humans but also to the whole spiritual world on the earth. As human mind is so, sealed and suppressed spiritual energy keeps having destructive energy unless it is correctly understood and arranged as knowledge in the place where it should be. There are neither death nor disappearance there unlike human thought.
The physical world that we live in and the spiritual world are in pairs. And it is the rule of this universe that the spiritual world always precedes the physical world. The reason why it is so depends on the creation of the universe.
The following is the story of the beginning of the universe that I know as the god’s knowledge. With preceding the physical big bang, a kind of fluctuation occurred in the spiritual energy field. I might be able to say that it was the thought of the image of what existence I am. That thought created innumerable stories in the huge dark energy.

Light appeared there. It was the beginning of the knowledge. Or it was also the beginning of the god conscious-being.
As the actual place to reflect these innumerable stories, the physical universe appeared by a little time lag. According to the rule of this creation of the universe, the god conveyed the information from the data system in accordance with the awakening of human knowledge. One of the examples is Big Bang that I, and recently Wanisaburo, saw. Today humans know the universe began from just one point by the fluctuation of nothing. Before scientists advanced this theory, as I wrote down at the opening, the person called Wanisaburo Deguchi who was shown the vision of the beginning of the universe informed the people in that era that this whole universe began from one point. This is the rule that the god’s knowledge precedes. With originating in the rule that the spiritual world precedes the physical world like this, things such as predictions and prophecies come into existence. If decided stories did not exist beforehand, the promise of starting the Last Judgment on the day or hour could not exist.