The Final Knowledge (60)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 454~455)


The god world has split into two. A few knew that the god world also would be judged. As a story, however, it has been decided since I held “Futsumitama” which was the holy sword on this ground in my hand. The holy sword is the symbol of the judgment.

The one to have completed its role
should leave.

These “Amatsutsuki”’s words meant that the righteous existence of light could leave into the story after passing through the area of the Judgment. In fact, it did not mean to disappear. After leaving into the story as the data of light, its existence form would change. It would no longer be a conscious being.
In that sense, the Judgment that I learned was, in plain words, something like an elevator connecting the celestial sky and the ground. The existence of the righteous god world has actually gone into the story of the only god one after another in the following mechanism. The existence that could make contact with me directly like “Amatsutsuki” changed over to the microcosm of my consciousness with the data of light first. In the early time of the god work, all the top gods of each god world that had sent me verses gave me the data of light, left the disposal of dark energy to me, and went away through this process. Then, Kekkai (sacred shield) that had suppressed the whole god world has broken. When the hierarchy of the god world disappeared, the conscious beings that had called “Yaoyorozu“ (all kinds of gods) in Yamato kotoba (Japanese) belonging to the lower part of the pyramid got freedom. Some of those conscious beings were of the god world origin and others were drawn up from the human world.
Enough light energy was provided.
Those low-ranking deities that had had the order system form the top and had not known more than necessary until then had the choice of two at that time. One was to be with me and fight. Another was to create a new god world of this ground with the help of the eternity of the god world that was in the light data of the origin god. The information of how to create god of this ground was hidden in the existence of my companion. The one that would use it perfectly and become the strongest could be the new presider god on the earth. And it would rule even me.