The Final Knowledge (64)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 459~460)

A new hell was created. And under that, the place of the eternal darkness was created for the conscious beings on the earth that loved eternity. There is no guard in this hell. Souls fall into the place purely autonomically. It is a fear to have the human senses there. The data of the information of a human body is carried out of the body, and the senses are reproduced even without the brain or the body. Those who hurt others will have the same pain back. It will be reproduced. All the physical senses and the conscious feelings that are accumulated while living as a human being will never release the conscious being. Those who go to the hell will curse the human sense. It is because they keep being punished through the sense even without their bodies.
My companion has been dropped into there. She said that it was painful but she felt a presence in the hell and she had slight consciousness that she was in the hell. Because she had consciousness, she had hope. According to her expression, the eternal darkness under that was, freeze, a frozen state. According to my knowledge, it is a lonely black hole. My master existence says that if they like eternity so much, they should be sealed in there until the story of the universe ends. Their turn will never come again in the universe of the story. However, they will be returned somewhere. The black hole in the physical universe also, in the theory, slightly keeps emitting energy, and in a while disappears. That is the same. Time and space are not the same.
Thus, the Judgment was being prepared. Then, when the network of ma-kai (the evil world), which is dark kekkai (sacred shield), was broken, ma-kai (the evil world) would disappear. The problem was to lower the gross energy of ma-kai (the evil world) to the level which each human being could bear.