The Final Knowledge (180)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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I simply had to hold the hilt. I felt that nothing would happen. Before long, Something exquisite started to act on my consciousness. It was similar to anger. It was so strong that I could destroy everything out of furious rage, if I sympathized with it with human emotion. It was strong will of justice that was willing to destroy both the universe and myself.
I recalled that I was always furious during my shin-gyo (god-work). In a towering rage, I questioned again and again if justice existed in this universe. Then I understood. I was trained not to become blind with rage. My master existence tried to provoke my anger to the extreme as a human being. Humans can come closer to the wrath of god only after they gain complete control over their anger.
Futsunushi” is divine justice which was born in this primordial universe, or the will of Judgment. Those who abandon themselves to anger will ruin themselves. It was such anger. “Futsunushi”, who changed itself into the sword, showed me the story of ken-shin-kai (the-sword-of-god world). It was a fantasy.

One sword is placed on the Earth
It symbolizes the sacred trinity of only god that is not far off

Futsunushi” is one of the three sacred treasures, which symbolizes the justice of the sacred trinity. That also symbolizes the Last Judgment. First, god taught love to humans. Second, god taught courage to let them get closer to the divine knowledge. Nevertheless, god did not teach divine justice to test humans.
God in the myth of “Futsunushi” does not give humans law. That was until the time of Jesus. At least, “Futsunushi” was not involved in the story before “Ise-Amaterasu” was prepared in Japan. According to “Futsunushi”, that god used “Amatsutsuki” so that “Futsunushi” did not even admit “Amatsutsuki” as his superior god. “Futsunushi” declared that “Amatsutsuki” is evil in the sense that it is the deity of the darkness of the Earth and light. “Futsunushi” said that it is not until the owner of the light sword appears that it becomes possible to resist the dark existence, the ruler of the Earth. The ruler of the Earth has such power that even “Futsunushi” was not allowed to stay at Haruhi-no-yashiro which I was indicated to meet the ruler. Shin-kai (the god world) of the Earth can not match. Light side of “Amatsutsuki” belongs to shin-kai (the god world), its dark side belongs to ma-kai (the evil world).

It clearly identifies itself as moon which does not shine itself

I feel that this myth of “Futsunushi” is the closest to the archetypal story of humans.
Even a child can understand god. The smaller they are, the better they understand. The older they grow, the less they see.