The Final Knowledge (273)

Chapter One

【The System of Japan】

(Web page 22/35, p28)
(Book page 71~74)

To Ise-Amaterasu Uta (verse) on February 8th (6)
Ya wo mo chi te i ma
tsu re zu re na ru a no ki mi to
i ku i ku mi chi no
ha re ta ru ho shi no

Futsunushi” is a god who is named after the sound of cutting wind with a sword. His divine rank is higher than imagined from the name, and he plays an important role in this story.
Next, a god that I was waiting for sent us uta (verse).

To Ise-Amaterasu Uta (verse) on February 8th (7)
Yu me ni i de ta ru so ra zo ra no
mi tsu ru yu ki yo no to o ka ri shi
shi ro ji ro ka ga ya ku tsu ki ho shi no
ya n go to na ki ma ru ki shi no
a fu ru so no hi wo ma chi te i ka shi mu

It was startling for me. The uta (verse) revealed it was “Amatsutsukimihikari” that arranged “Ise-Amaterasu” as a goddess of a personified deity on this ground. The content sounded like a human father thinks of her daughter whom he sent out to a far place. The mood of this uta (verse) reached my companion, who received this uta (verse) as yorishiro (divine dwelee). She said it came through a communication method from the highest rank ever. It was “Amatsutsuki”, who hardly left the evidence of contacts on the Earth, that programed to erect two pillars in Japan, which are “Amaterasu” and “Toyouke”, or “Amaterasuhi or Amatsuhi” and “Amatsuhitsukitoyoukei” who are two of three deities separated as god creators from “Amatsumihikari”.
ku ku ri no a ya wa” as a shrine of this world to create god, which was descried in uta (verse) by Ise-Amaterasu, functioned by the god creators. This function created the existence called “Seki Tetsuo mikoto*” and created a new deity called “Yurukina” at this time.
Everything is just a story. Soon, those deities will leave after they complete their roles. Correctly, they change into the light data, but I did not know yet. And, from around this time, I started to see a distortion between the program, “the system of Japan”, that I was informed and instructed and the actually-conducted program as shin-gyo (god work). Before all, my understanding of shin-kai (the god world) from my human viewpoint was that main gods based on the godhood in the past could mutually hold a dialogue. However, it was wrong. Shin-kai (the god world) was placed for its role, but it had no such a concept of holding a dialogue among shin-kai (the god world). Information from the superior existence was passed on to the top god and preserved. However, the existence of the lower rank worked only as a system in the pyramid structure. I guessed that only “Amatsutsuki” knew everything about the start of “the system of Japan” at that point. I understood from my human viewpoint that I would be able to perform my role if I could maximize the information system of “Ise-Amaterasu” prepared by “Amatsutsuki”.
I inferred that the deity of “Ise-Amaterasu” would be heightened and recover to be part of a god creator that was the original Amaterasu if “Ise-Amaterasu” played her role. Next day, I found out that it was wrong.
*Someone who has a divine summons.