Vol.800+5 Dark Universe

It was about 20 years ago that man perfected his potential as a vessel for the Last Judgment. Thereafter, the earth underwent various energetic experiments to become the vessel of the Last Judgment, and in the year 2021 AD, the first year of the Divine Era, Shinki was announced. What was bestowed upon the Shinlogy Association in that process was named IconSeal.

At first I recognized it as originating from the realm of the Shinlogy Association that produces what is called ofuda. I was not aware that this was the case, because the transmission of information came at a time when I was asking the heavens for a time after 2022, when I had lost the ability to create ofuda.And initially, the IconSeal was emitting light like the ofuda I make.

However, the white IconSeal alone could not handle the darkness of this world, or rather, the darkness of human beings, so the dark IconSeal was born.

IconSeal, the dark one, carried the darkness of this world somewhere, but what mechanism it was was unknown. Originally, it was the seal of God’s presence, as evidenced by the name of the thing, IconSeal. It can be said that humans today, including myself, have been trying to use that divine seal to deal with our own darkness. I think that can be said to be the expectation of the existence of God that was written in the souls of the current human beings.However, the IconSeal changed when the 101 HadoSeal given to the Shinlogy Association was completed.

It would have been something that no one but me would have understood, but it was a kind of pointing out that we were using them incorrectly. What I learned while researching it is that this seal was bestowed from a different realm than ofuda, and that it is not from the future as initially thought, but has its roots somewhere in the distant past. However, since the HadoSeal would not have come into the world without the appearance of this IconSeal, we can consider the divine hado (energy) as the gateway to knowledge that is tied to the birth of this universe.

In other words, the role of IconSeal should have been to hado-wise transmit the reality of God to human perception and to create human beings capable of recognizing divine knowledge.
How IconSeal of the Dark has processed the darkness of this world for the sake of human awakening is that it has been injected into the realm of collecting the energies of the black history of this universe, which I call the dark universe.
In the universe before the Last Judgment occurred, that was the only way.

But at the time when it was decided that the earth was to be the vessel for the Last Judgment of the dark history of this planet, this earth-derived, dark universe, as I call it, was to return.
The earth would bear what it had to bear on earth, and the era would begin, when it would become the stage for the Last Judgment.

Toward that era of the Last Judgment, great changes are underway in the spiritual world.
Human beings, who hold the light of the ancient gods in their souls, will be the first to be judged together with God and other gods.

It is the very first time (since the creation of this universe) . Whether or not it is like the prophecies of the Bible, it will eventually be transmitted to human knowledge through the experience of each person’s soul from now on. Perhaps it will be something different from the ordinary knowledge that exists on the earth today.

Learning Shinlogy does not mean that you understand God, only that you know the goal of His existence. Unless you surpass that God, you will never understand the true nature of this universe. Please recall again what Shinlogy conveyed, that human knowledge will never reach such a new horizon of knowledge until the age of religion is over. Without that standpoint, you cannot see the light in the future of the current humans, which is visible beyond the tragedy of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Because this world is now with the dark universe.


April 14, Shinki 2nd (2022)

Seki Tetsuo