Vol. 800+13 Memories of Space Wars


It was the night of June 6, 2022. I had the impression that I was able to decipher the meaning of the light emitted by the giant rock on the riverbank in front of the Information Exhibition Hall of “Attack on Titan” in Hita City, Oita Prefecture, which I visited the other day. So, this time I would like to report on it.

The manga titled “Attack on Titan” seems to be a work that is a visualization of a story that suddenly began one day in the head of the author who grew up in Hita City, and the information circuit that inspired it seems to be the light emitted by the stone I saw.

Before that information of light, the director of Shinlogy Lab Oita explained to me that the closest place on earth to the universe is Hita City, where the spirits of the space warriors are waiting for one another. It shows me that the characteristics of this narrative universe I know is a time-space that makes certain stories come true.

That is the karma of this narrative universe as far as I know.
The repeated exercise of God’s right of vengeance is the karma of God as I know it, and human history from Jesus’ death on the cross to today has been the realization of that story.

True to the laws of this universe, the human group still working to make the biblical final war a reality is apparently the current ruling class of the world! And yet, it is the intense energy of vengeance at the lowest level of what humans have known as Reikai that has given them their power. In order to stop the use of this energy, the spiritual world transferred the Reikai of the past, which I am telling you is called Shin-Reikai.

With the supply of a certain part of the controlling energy cut off, the sense of crisis among the human groups that now rule the world is growing rapidly, and they seem to be rushing toward a final war that will bring everything to nothing before the ” Last Judgment.

This brings me to the question of what solutions the Japanese culture, hidden within the Japanese structure, as I know it, is offering to this great problem of the actualization of the narrative universe.

The story that descended into the head of the author of Attack on Titan was posted as a work of art in this space-time, and the conscious energy that materialized and made real the story that was there became real in the form of a work of art. If it is left unattended and continues to be released into the world, the cosmic war that would have happened in the past will be reenacted in a new time-space and in a different form as a reality.The state of this conscious energy is the karma that this narrative universe is carrying, and that is my perception.

However, I cannot assert that this narrative universe corresponds to all human microcosms, since it is, for the moment, a macro-universe story that corresponds to my microcosm.If I were to assert this, it would be because another aspect of the narrative universe, the properties of the anything-goes universe, could give rise to a new story.

I am the first person to transmit the tremendous “Go beyond God, surpass Buddha” to the consciousness of human beings living in this world.

And please understand that the steps up to Vol. 800 of this light document are the disclosure of the “Transcend God” process, and the + (plus) part after that is the “Transcend Buddha” part.

In order to transcend the Buddha, we need to confront this theme of cosmic existence. I think it could be said that Japan has entered this space and time, and that is my position at the moment.

In other words, the brains of the Japanese people have reached the stage of receiving, analyzing, and deciphering the various types of hado-wise (vibrational) information in this universe.

Although it is unlikely that the author of Attack on Titan had any knowledge of Shinlogy, it is my understanding that he probably made contact with the consciousness that resided in the mountains and rocks while playing in his hometown and was entrusted with the task of acting as their agent. In fact, this is the essence of my saying that the Japanese are the saviors.

The universe is to be deciphered and it should be released from its karma.



Seki Tetsuo

June 9, Shinki 2, (2022)




It seems that correspondence has been received in conjunction with this Hikarimonjyo (light document), and it is posted below.



akane sasu
kamuro miyamani furishimono
hikarino uchūno
miyamano kioku


(Kamuroki Kamuromi)