Vol.800+1 Beyond God and on to the next

On this March 5, 2022, the God of the Bible Word left in the fires of the Last Judgment, having won the final battle against the dark kingly beings who had hidden in the world of human beings, having gained a body to fight.

In the history of the earth, as I have told you in the “Final Knowledge,” Buddha appeared as a human being, and the evolution of consciousness that is capable of deciphering the story of God of the Bible has been achieved. With this heavenly recognition, the time and space in which the story of the God of the Bible was inserted has come to an end.

However, the total amount of human souls living on the earth today corresponds to the energy of the God of the Bible and the godlike being who is the king of darkness, so the battle between light and darkness, as a projection of the past, will continue to progress on the earth for a while to come. But there is a limit to this, and at the very least, since the god-like entity that supplied the dark energy has ceased to exist, the spiritual energy of the human souls connected to the dark side, or to be more precise, those who made a contract with the devil, should eventually come to an end if it is cut off by the death of that human being.
The complex and bizarre mechanisms of the spiritual world that have led us to this point will now be provided in some form on the side of human knowledge, but it seems that this will require the completion of the knowledge of the human-derived conscious being, whom we call Buddha, who approached the essence of this material universe some 2,500 years ago, rather than the God story in the Bible.

That is the basis on which I have been passing on to the human world the message, “Go beyond God, surpass Buddha. The story up to this point is God’s, but it is the job of the awakened human being, the vessel of the conscious being who has correctly finished reading God’s story, to face the problems of this universe from this point forward.
As a matter of fact, there is a kind of conscious energy that exists normally in this universe. The time has come for those with brain circuits tuned to that level or frequency to know that not only can they access the knowledge that is out there, but they also can be taken over by that group of conscious beings in the wrong way. The reason why the earth has been protected from such dangers so far is that there seems to be an understanding that this is the final battleground between the King of Darkness and the God of Words. And it can be said that any other conscious beings who intervene will be drawn into the fray.

The end of an era means that this earth will be opened to the outer space as well. It should be considered that this will be similar to the opening of Japan to the outside world by the Edo Shogunate. Perhaps, just as Japan played a role in ending the age of the Bible on earth, the earth will play some role in this material universe.

In order to do so, our perception of this universe must be appropriate to the times.
To surpass the Buddha means to present the theme of knowing the essential problems of this universe.

I believe that is why the Shinlogy Association is currently endowed with 101 different HadoSeals. Many of them are related to the vibrations of this universe. And they lead human knowledge into completely unknown territory from the standpoint that the science and technology that exists today is derived from knowledge that already exists within this universe.

In terms of the knowledge we have on the earth today, for example, we can use the HadoSeal named Akashic to access the Hado-wise (vibrational) realm of data called the Akashic Records, which Rudolf Steiner of Germany reportedly had. But, it does not mean that all the past data of this universe is in that realm. More specifically, if past data is stored in the universe, we are faced with the philosophical or physical question, “What exactly are those things?

This material universe known to human knowledge is less than 5% and the rest is called dark energy and dark matter, which is the status quo of science at the moment. Think of it as the most advanced scientific knowledge of the existing Earth finally approaching the theme of the conscious being that has been pondering the problems of this universe for 2,500 years.
This new journey of knowledge will now proceed at this “Hikarimonjyo  Plus”.

It is my belief that this will open the door to the most advanced space-time in this universe.




Seki Tetsuo

March 17, Shinki 2nd (2022)