Vol. 797 The Responsibility of Japanese History


Now, in the year 2022, the secret of the existence of Prince Shotoku, who passed away 1,400 years ago, has been disclosed within my head.

It is the secret of why the system of Japan that I have been conveying was replaced once again in the time of Tenchi and Tembu. However, disclosing this information would be a self-responsibility for the sin that the Japanese divine world cannot escape from the responsibility of dropping the atomic bomb on Japan in 1945.

The main reason why the gods of the Japanese devine world had continued their activities in the name of emerging religions even before the Meiji Restoration was because, in fact, if history continued as it was, there was an increasing possibility that the grudge of the Taishi (Prince) sealed in the book of Sendai Kuji Honki Taiseikyou would pierce the Showa Emperor with what is known in the biblical world as the Spear of Longinus.

If you look into the history of Emperor Showa, you will find that during the transition from the Taisho era to the Showa era, a national consensus was formed that Prince Shotoku would be superimposed on the image of Emperor Showa.
The person who was forced to work the hardest to prevent the formation of this image was Deguchi Onisaburo of the Ohomoto sect.

The God of the Bible wanted the second chapter of the story of Jesus to take place here on the Japanese archipelago, centering on the prince who was given the name of Umayado (stable table) , but it was foiled by the intervention of another clan called the Soga.

However, Taishi’s soul had been subjected to the immense energy of the God of the Bible, and its destructive power was something that had to be sealed away. And if Hitler were to be resurrected in the Japanese imperial lineage in the era of his rise in Europe, the Empire of Japan could play a role in driving this civilization on earth to destruction as the most powerful nation.

This is where any Japanese with a heart should listen to the historical testimony of the Showa Emperor who did not allow the military to develop the atomic bomb when it was proposed to him. It can be said that the Japanese gods helped Japan to go down the path of defeat in this way. In other words, the Japanese gods are also responsible for the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Please consider that a sort of self-declaration is now beginning in the Japanese divine world, accompanying the fact that the Last Judgment is becoming a reality in the spiritual world.

The omniscient and omnipotent God of the monotheistic religions created in the heads of human beings never fails, but at least the God or deities that have been involved in the history of the Japanese archipelago have failed many times and continue to play their roles even in this age.

In this year of 2022, the conscious being of Taishi, who has relearned 1,400 years of history, is supposed to begin some kind of involvement in Japanese society, but what that will be, I currently have no way of knowing. What I do know is that the power of the Money Rulers who crucified Jesus, and the power of those who hold them accountable, will bring about a kind of apocalypse in the human world, and we will reach the day when we will know who is responsible for our history.

At that time, those who bear sin should rediscover the purpose of human existence, which is to live with it. Unfortunately, in the history of the Japanese archipelago, there are many negative legacies of the God of the Bible, which the Japanese must bear. The reason why I use the term “Japanese are the saviors” has an important meaning that the Japanese have been historically taught to avoid the vengeance of the regret of Jesus who died on the cross.
Judgment is to be left to the heavens, but first, we must develop the ability to know the true history.

There is a simple principle in this universe that the spiritual energy field stores the data of all past events, and when light is shone upon it, the indictment to the Last Judgment is being described. Many human eyes are closed to avoid looking at that simple rule of the universe, but humans should be able to go beyond God if they know the rule that when the time comes, God also declare their sins.



Seki Tetsuo

February 17, Shinki 2nd (2022)