Vol.795 Beginning of February in the 2nd year of the Divine Era

In this Japanese archipelago, the mechanism of divine punishment, which has been sealed for a thousand and several hundred years, has been revived, and it seems that the judgements in a world other than the human world have begun.
As the Japanese archipelago must be returned to the rightful owner, the darkness of the past history will be shined upon, the true data will come to the surface, and the great transformation of the current order and authority will begin.

Since the Japanese archipelago is the template for the world, the changes that occur in Japan will spread to the rest of the world in different forms.
If I were to disclose the information at this time, it would be that at the bottom of the historical data of Japan, there was an energy that was prepared by the divinity who calls himself Amatsutsuki to cause a global catastrophe that would destroy the current civilization.

In order to prevent the arrival of this destruction, the Japanese divine world has prepared a program that can only be described as a divine conspiracy, which I have mentioned repeatedly, and has been putting it into practice.
The entire program will be written down if I am allowed to release it during my lifetime, but after that, it may be transferred to a sort of databank in the Light Realm, to be read and understood only by those conscious beings who are able to access it.
At this point, the release of the entire program is not feasible due to its too great impact on human society.

Perhaps the dark forces that are acting as the rulers of the earth today know some of these secrets and have been carrying out various attacks on Japan and the Japanese archipelago.
As a hint to the story of the relationship between Japan and God, the only thing I can disclose to the world is that Prince Shotoku was responsible for turning on the wrath of the monotheistic God, and after the test of His destructive power was carried out in the Japanese archipelago, the mythology and history handed down today was rewritten. That’s about it.

The plan of the dark forces to create a global catastrophe and bring everything back to the beginning before the Last Judgment will come to naught. However, what has been prepared in the human world is likely to be carried out as it is, but it will not lead to destruction.

What kind of divine punishment will befall the people living on the Japanese islands in the future? I would say that the social system, led by the atheist groups that have been the beneficiaries of post-war Japanese society, will come to a standstill.
At the same time, the Chinese and U.S. economies, which should have learned from the Japanese bubble, as well as the European economies under their influence, will fail to deal with the money in numbers, which will cause serious damage to the Japanese economy.
The question is whether the group of people who control the world today will be able to implement this as a strategy, and whether they will be able to completely control the outcome.
However, in this scenario, it will be difficult to deal with the money problem alone without simultaneously starting the final world war. For the time being, there may be talk of digital currencies and so on to solve the problem of numerical money, but logically speaking, the current money system has already failed. When this fails, the Japanese divine world will see it as the end of Western civilization, and that will signal the beginning of the end of the world. Beyond that, there is the program of the Last Judgment. The reason why this is so is because the purpose of this universe is to divide one energy into two natures, matter and time, and to progress its story, resulting in the fulfillment of the rules of the spiritual world, where all conscious beings say, “Oh, I knew it would happen.”

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the world economy has been moving in the direction of increasing the money of those who have it, and decreasing the money of those who do not have it. This puts working people in the position of slaves. This trend was exactly the same in both communist China and capitalist America. This is the true nature of what the Japanese divine world calls the end of Western civilization.

This means that the true nature of Western civilization is not a Christian civilization, but a civilization of money. In other words, the true identity of the Western civilization is not the Jewish God, but the God of Money. From now on, human knowledge will learn the true nature of this God-like consciousness energy being. It seems that a group of white foxes under the control of Ukanomitama are now learning how the world economy works, and it seems that they are starting from the point that the paper money that exists now is the same as the leaf money of the foxes. Perhaps the true nature of God’s punishment is what we see after blowing  the money’s cover by it, there may be the correct form of the Judgment.




Seki Tetsuo

February 3, Shinki 2nd (2022)