Vol.789 The Japanese are saviors

At the end of this year, I am proofreading a new book to be published by a certain publisher, titled “The Japanese are Saviors”. The content of the book is a dialogue with Sakamoto Toshio, “The Chronicles of Japan: A Blueprint for Time and Space”, and “What is the System of Japan”, both of which I have digitized into a single volume, and it is designed to help people understand the spiritual position of the Japanese people in today’s world, both as a history of the world and as the story of God in the Bible.

The dialogue is centered on the year 2016, but the content is easier to understand if you read it in the 2020s. In the world of monotheism, it is believed that there is only one savior, but the system of savior placed in Japan is that to be born and awakened as a Japanese is to become the savior of your own microcosm.

Just because you have become your own savior does not mean that you can become the savior of this world, or the external universe. However, if you do, you will meet Jesus, who is historically believed to have died on the cross, and receive the words, ” I am you, and you are me. “ When you experience this, the shape of your existence will change.

At the very least, the person who was afraid of the cross will no longer be there.
You will realize that the wickedness of the human world, which crucified Jesus, covers the earth today, just as it did when he lived. I repeatedly tell people that Jesus is already coming back because he is where you can find him.

According to my data, Jesus himself is in the U.S. with the Japanese Light Army, but the spiritual world is made up of a hierarchy of energies, so if you rise to that layer, you can be connected anywhere on the earth or in the universe.
One of the proofs that the being who sent Jesus to Jerusalem created the system of Japan is the appearance of the Japanese archipelago, where the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, plus the nuclear accident in Fukushima in 2011, are three disasters that correspond to the nails driven into the hands and feet of Jesus on the cross.

You see, the Japanese archipelago is placed here as the body of God.

It is time for the people of the world to realize that those who rule America are the same ones who ruled Jerusalem 2,000 years ago.
For this reason, I decided to publish a paper book in which the meaning of “the Japanese are saviors” is made easier to understand by the nature of the dialogue.

This should bring the beginning of the day when the promises of God in the Bible will be fulfilled to the consciousness of many people. This should bring the beginning of the day when the promises of God in the Bible will be fulfilled to the consciousness of many people.
It is important to note that the man in the conversation is the one of Presidents of the United States, Barack Obama.

The historical significance of the visit to Hiroshima by this man, who is not only the first African American  president of the United States, but is also believed to have issued the most assassination orders, is that his visit to Hiroshima showed the world that the current Japan would not exercise its natural law right of revenge against the United States.

It is a statement that God or the spiritual world knows that the man-made nation of the United States, as well as the nation of Japan, was created by the design of the God of the Bible, but one day became a pawn of the devil.

Without this declaration of will, the human world will continue to be in a state of affairs where the US will not allow Japan to possess nuclear weapons forever. But a major change in the course of history is about to take place.

The United States today, like the Empire of Japan in the past, has lost its hegemony as a result of being dragged into the problems of the Korean Peninsula and mainland China.
They are about to find out that they are doomed to the fate of the Roman Empire, which disappeared after destroying the model of the Kingdom of God in the face of Japanese history.

For the beings who have been telling us that this year 2021 is the first year of the Divine Age, it seems that the role of the Bible has ended with the transmission of these knowledges to the human world.




Written by Seki Tetsuo on December 23, 2021, the first year of Shinki (the Divine Age).