Vol. 781 Emergence of the Dark Universe


It seems that the being I call Ten (天 ; Heaven) has decided that the data on the issue of God in the human microcosm has already been transferred to the side of human knowledge, and that the energy of the dark universe has come on board, or been carried on board, the spiritual world of this planet.

So far, human beings have had the impression that this universe is filled with the vibrations of love when they go outside the earth, however, it seems that this is because there is a place called the dark universe that exists in parallel with this universe.

And in the year 2021, the current humankind will be confronted with the true nature of the dark universe, which was the theme before the opening of this universe.
To summarize the information I have been giving to the human world, the Last Judgment promised by the so-called God on earth has not yet occurred on a global scale.

The energy of Light that makes this happen is not in this universe, but is achieved by each human being  given the Light of Judgment in what should be called the Universe of Light and becoming the savior of their own microcosm. In terms of the evolution of the soul, this means being born as a Son of God, awakening as a Son of Man, and fulfilling the promises of God to become a being beyond the knowledge of God as conveyed by the religions of the earth.

When human knowledge has reached that point, the dark energy that God, the root of humanity’s soul, has been fighting against without knowing it properly, has come to cover this earth. From now on, the awakened human beings will know that the enormous malevolence that dominates the earth today comes from that energy realm. It seems that the story of the battle between Light and Darkness will become a cosmic one from here on.

And apparently, the science and technology that the earth has reached today is derived from the knowledge of the Dark Universe that is now in our space-time. As a result, humankind is divided into those who rule and those who are ruled, and if this continues, we are on the path to extinction.

Some of the humans on the earth today have already been contacted by consciousness energy from outside the earth, but what is there, so to speak, are the vibrations of good and the vibrations of evil. Unfortunately, those vibrations are not imbued with the Light of Judgment, so the battle between good and evil continues endlessly. That is why this material universe is called the narrative universe.

However, from Shinlogy’s point of view, the story of human beings on earth is the same as the story of the people of Light and Darkness in the universe. As long as we are on the stage of this narrative universe of the battle between Light and Darkness, the same thing will happen again and again. At any level, in the realm of the next existence after the Last Judgment, there can be no war between Light and Darkness.

If we don’t know that, the future will be too dark for those that have used up most of their Light energy just processing the Dark energy of the human world on earth. And yet, Heaven will not bring down to earth what it cannot process.

Unless this battle is won, human knowledge will never know the true nature of the universe and will only wander in the realm of Dark Energy, unable to discover a way out.
Also, science and technology derived from the Dark Universe will not work in the direction of liberating human beings.

In this world that is almost completely covered with Darkness, the forces of Light are still in power only in the Japanese archipelago and parts of the American continent. Why is it that in both Japan and America, the number of people whose consciousness and body are controlled by those who control money is rapidly increasing? Please think about it.

For the malevolent energy of this universe that is behind the controlling human group, this timing is also the critical moment. In other words, the significance of this event is that it is an attempt to transfer the theme of the macrocosm as a whole to human knowledge, because at this point in time, a being who has superimposed a place called the ghost world, which used to be the other world, onto the human world, has superimposed the dark universe, which should be called a parallel universe in the ordinary concept of space-time, onto the space-time of this earth.  It is a story, and the Light must triumph. A cosmic epic story is about to begin.





October 28 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo