Vol. 778 The End of the System of Japan


In October of 2021, Izanami of the Land of Hades, who had remained until the end of the data of the pre-Kiiki (Nihonshoki-Kojiki) gods and the system of the Chronicles, completed her role and left the realms of Shikoku, Shi no Kuni, and Yomi no Kuni. This signified the completion of the Japanese system.

The age of the mythical gods who came from the heavens has come to an end in the Japanese archipelago.
What lies ahead is the age of the Son of Man, in which each human being reads and understands the stories of the various gods contained in the vessels called human beings. To put it more clearly, all of God’s energy, which is the source of human beings, has descended into human beings’ souls, and what lies outside of human beings is not the story of God, but the story of the battle between Light and Darkness on the theme of this material universe.

The human group that controls the world today is backed by someone who wants to explain everything with the cosmology that the will of the Last Judgment never existed at the time of the creation of this universe, and for that someone, the bloody black history of the earth in this universe for the past several thousand years needs to be limited to the time and space within this universe.

On the other hand, those on the other side of the Light believe that the black history of the earth was already put into the universe as karma at the time of its creation. The secret of the universe as I know it is that this material universe is the place where the story of the universe is being actualized.

Basically, the forces of Darkness say that death is the end, while the Light side says that death is not the end, and that all sins recorded in the soul will be passed on as karma in the next universe, even after the end of one universe.
Buddha talked about the problem of being born again as a human being on this earth, but this material universe itself has the same theme.

I have been telling people that the human beings who are now living on the Japanese islands are the last chance to live on this earth. I have been informing you that without a covenant with the universe of Light, your soul will be closed to the Dark Side.
We thought it was like a black hole in the universe, but physics tells us that black holes eventually release their energy and disappear.

However, what the spiritual world is telling us is that the Dark Energy that forms human consciousness will not disappear. The rule in this universe is that those who are able to decipher the story of the soul through the physical body of a actual human being and transform the story into Light data will go to the Universe of Light.

It seems to me that beyond the fact that those who die with increased dark energy without reading the story of their souls will go to the Dark Universe after the Last Judgment, they will also become the material for the Darkness of another universe.
This is probably the fate of human beings who have as the root of their soul the consciousness of God, which is a combination of Light and Darkness.

It is the position of Shinlogy that science as it exists today is working to make real the Kabbalistic space-time that came from the heads of those who deny Jesus.

However, the conclusion of scientific cosmology, which science does not accept, is that the universe is closed in a vacuum of energy, from which another universe is born. In other words, the universe is also reincarnated. Buddha came out, Jesus came out, and the Final Knowledge came out. Transferring this flow of time and space to the side of human knowledge is the essence of what has been called the Japanese system. Now that this has been completed, the time has come for the consciousness of the gods, which has held this knowledge as energy beings, to leave the earth.

But since the space-time in which human beings’ souls exist is linked to the Light Energy Realm of the God or gods who have shifted to human knowledge, it is possible to contact them even though they have left the earth. In other words, in order to let people know that we have entered the realm of knowledge where God alone and Buddha alone are powerless, it is necessary to declare that the system of Japan is over.

The Japanese archipelago will begin to move in the direction of regaining its original shape. There is no doubt that this is the direction in which the darkness of humanity will be erased from the earth, but it is also a fact that the Japan of the past will move in the direction of collapse.




October 7,2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo