Victory in a Microcosm (Vol 158.)


Human beings form a microcosm. That microcosm is the place of a single person’s story, which projects everything the person knows about the universe and also includes the story factors of the universe in his or her soul. However, in this narrative field, other human and non-human beings are also connected by energetic links.
To be aware of this interaction is one of the goals of Shinlogy. The microcosm of each individual exists as a mirror of the spiritual energy of the earth, with its consciousness, mind, and brain activity limited or continually affected.

If you are not aware of it, it is only passive.
While you are affected, the source of the energy is in the consciousness of others in this world other than you, or in the realm of the collective unconscious of others. As long as you are on the receiving side of the energy projections, you may continue to use the excuse that it is not your fault and that you are the victim, as if it were an association game.
But beyond the association of this I can’t do anything and I’m not wrong, there is only the cessation of thinking and the way to live as a sheep. Why should we bother to come into the world as sinful human beings in order to be sheep?

The situation that this country is in now, with no future, is the result of not thinking about how we can survive in the world. It is the result of a policy of foolishness that has been rare and successful in history.  This is not a phenomenon that arose after the defeat in 1945, but according to what I know of the spiritual world, the seeds were already sown at the end of the Edo period.

This country continues to be robbed even today without being aware of it. Too few people are aware that the next stage is probably just around the corner, and in an environment where the only real option is to hedge personal assets, awareness at the individual level seems to be powerless.

But if we abandon it there,  even in the microcosm of each of us, we will be approving ourselves to be victims, caught up in this grand Evil story.Then, that’ s a story of losers.
If you know Shinlogy properly, you will understand that its purpose is not to create losers, either in the microcosm of each individual or in this real world of humans.

I was taught that it is the purpose of every human being’s soul to live now that the side of Light will triumph and Judgment will be sought in the microcosm of each individual. This characteristic of this era is the essence of the information that has been transmitted from the Spiritual world to this human world in the form of the words of the Last Judgment and the last 0.01% system.

The consciousness and mind of the human beings living on this earth today reflect the 13.7 billion years of the material universe and its corresponding spiritual world that extends outside of human existence.  There is a constant exchange of information through the presence and reflection of mirror-like objects.

This means that even the victory of Light in a single microcosm will be projected by its mirror to the entire external universe. I repeatedly tell our members that the victory of the Light in the Spiritual world has already been confirmed.

That is something that anyone should be able to understand if they look at the fact that I, as a single human being with a real body, presides over a Shinlogical Association that has entrusted its entire existence to the battlefield of the Spiritual world, without dying, without going insane, and without being ruined in many ways.

And even if I leave this earth, with the book of Final Knowledge, there is provision for everyone to start there.
The triumph of Light in the microcosm of each individual is the result of a program of salvation of that microcosm by the protagonist of each individual soul, through the process of growth of the human being from the Son of God to the responsibility of the Son of Man.

If you realize that the story of Light that arises from each one of us will become a beacon of Light that will lead our souls from this age of darkness to the next stage, we are not powerless, even if we are alone.

Your victory in your microcosm is part of the greater purpose of filling this entire universe with Light, and your existence is also part of that Light.




October 23, 2009

Seki Tetsuo