Thou shalt speak of God in ordinary Japanese (Vol.678)

( The original title is  普通の日本語で、神を語れ )

The clear instruction that the day and hour should be written down for posterity has fallen upon me in this October of the year 2019. This also means that current science has broken free from the yoke of religion, and is approaching the result of the “Final Knowledge” written by divine mandate as a “precursor” to human understanding of this universe.

Divine knowledge precedes and then human knowledge follows. That’s the story of the universe in which we exist. And it is my story and my role to guide all those who will eventually come to understand that there is a Heaven, God or a will’s intention that wants to know everything, and the time has come to complete it.And now that I have gotten old and deteriorated to some extent, it is probably the will of heaven that I use the words that are on my brain functions or consciousness.

The reason is that God is something that even a three year old child can understand…

By the time I was awakened, the god or gods of the land had provided the human resources to guide me through the spiritual world here on earth.  And when the personnel completed their role and left they (the god or gods) continuously provide me with another person to guide us along the way, and some other personnel to do the work in the future.

The work of the children of God and the gods on this earth is the hope of heaven and earth. And those children may not even be born yet, they may be infants.

In order for a final theory to emerge in science, as I hope it will, within my lifetime, that can explain the universe from the micro to the macro, we need people who believe that even the smallest unit of existence in this universe may have the stamp of God on it.

I have been told that I have been preparing people with Japanese language brains, who are alive as normal and think using Japanese, to be the recipients of the divine knowledge of the future and the knowledge that exists in the realm of Light.


The Final Knowledge states that the language of the divine world used to be  “Yamato Kotoba”( the ancient language of Japanese). The transmission of the words of the guides of the divine world of the earth described in the book, as well as the transmission of the words to my companion were also in “Yamato-uta.”. In the final stage (on the book) , it was simplified to a list of fifty single syllables. I now know that it took that much time for my brain to have the ability to translate these otodama and kotodama into modern Japanese.

In other words, I believe that the Final Knowledge and the subsequent Hikarimonjyo (Light Document) were a demonstration experiment to make the Yamato Kotoba, which was the language of the divine world, understandable in ordinary Japanese people, and at the same time, to prepare for the emergence of a group of human beings who can understand the spiritual world by reason through the logical structure of modern Japanese. And I was told by the spiritual world that if you continue to read the Final Knowledge and the Hikarimonjyo (Light Document) and understand their thought and logic systems, you will be able to understand God and, if you wish, contact 神理; the Divine Principle without any special abilities as before. For this reason, in the near future, I am planning to make available to the public, completely free of charge, the electronic version of “Final Knowledge” and the full text of “Hikarimonjyo”.
In my opinion, this series of documents is the end of the proof of the existence of the spirit world, God, gods, demons, and evil spirits, to the one who governs me outside this universe.

And if you look at the fact that the forces that are trying to dominate this earth in this age when their existence has been revealed are a group of atheists, you will also see that the time and space in which the earth exists today is what I call a Story Universe, and it is exactly the Last Judgment that has been handed down in the world of monotheism.

Now, the only question is whether or not each one of you wishes to live your life on the side of the Light and have a place in the world of Light. However, the people who were supposed to convey this Divine Principle are locked in the labyrinth of religion.

The truth of God that I am about to share with you, which can be understood in ordinary Japanese, is a kind of vector, or direction, that runs through the spiritual and material worlds of this universe alike. I guess we could call it will.

If you understand their starting points, you will understand that the same reasoning applies from micro to macro, and that no matter where you start, you will reach the same conclusion. And the language used there will be different from the translated culture of religions and philosophies that brought difficulty to this Japanese civilization with the arrival of Buddhism and the Meiji Restoration.
Please look forward to it.




November 7, 2019

Seki Tetsuo