The Secret of the Bubble (Vol 754.)


From the standpoint of Shinlogy, I believe that we are beginning to understand the forces that are keeping the world as it is today. It is because the economy of this world is practically driven by two major powers, the Communist China and the U.S. ruled by the Devil of atheism, and both of these economic zones are logically more bubble economy than Japan during the bubble period, and it could collapse at any time. The time has come for the root cause of this to be understood as a problem of vibrations in the spiritual world.

This is also linked to the deflation problem in Japan, which is the only country in the world that has not experienced economic growth for over 30 years.
Many people understand that this world is, in a sense, coming to the end of its life. The human groups that are trying to survive in the Western civilization seem to be replacing it with environmental problems, and are even thinking of artificial population reduction plans. In contrast, the Communist Party of China seems to be aiming for a society for a handful of selected people, a super controlled society like George Orwell’s novel.

Both of these directions can only lead to a future where the atheistic demons will become god-like rulers of the earth.
Some people in the U.S. and Japan are fighting against this trend with their political beliefs of nationalism and conservatism, but so far they have little chance of winning.

The reason for this is simple: the forces that control the world economy today are, in a manner of speaking, the followers of atheistic Devil. In fact, I started Shinlogy by asking myself why this happened.To put it clearly, the God of the Bible did not have the knowledge and ability to properly handle this Dark Energy that came from his own inner darkness. It is my understanding that the biggest problem with the biblical story is the handling of the God-like energy of man-made money.

The word or concept of money is the one that collects the Darkness of human thoughts the most. It is a combination of the fact that this world is a demonic world.
The greatest power that keeps this demonic world alive is the human desire represented by the word ”money”.

And now, a new concept of virtual or digital currency is about to enter into conflict with the system of international financial capital, the main player in the world economy, and the central banks of each country, which is the largest gathering place of Dark thoughts.

The dialectic that has underpinned the evolution of Western civilization should allow us to see beyond it. But this will end the era of money from Western modernity to the present day. Furthermore, the numerical money that is flooding the world today will be liquidated at some point. It is becoming known that the financial depression of the 20th century was artificially created, but the shinlogical assumption is that the coming arrangement will be the end of the civilization of the human group that has controlled money.

Therefore, the story of the Bible was the story of Money. Marx spoke of commodities in terms of materialism, which is the starting point for the Devil of atheism. In order to put the earth, which is defined by this ideology, back on the right track, the work to bring Light to the money is now underway. Once the secret of the bubble is disclosed, the bubble will burst.




April 22, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

 Seki Tetsuo