The meaning of Courage (Vol.742)


The battle between light and darkness in the US today seems to be going back and forth as the final  exam of the courage of the people of this world, who have lived and developed their souls in the age defined by the Bible.

That is my understanding of the situation, and I report on it in this article.

The essence of the spirit of divinity, as conveyed by Shinlogy, is the trinity of love, courage, and justice. This may seem alien to the trinity of the Christian church. However, since the God of monotheistic religions is omniscient, omnipotent, and has the starting point of being the Creator, the trinity of their teachings is a rational explanation of the workings of God manifested in the world, and is not related to divinity.

Shinlogy starts its knowledge from the fact that every human being can potentially become Jesus. It is necessary for a human being to master the trinity of love, courage and justice in order to be able to increase your divinity and be given the divine status. As I mentioned before, you won’t be given the high position without them.

In the recent presidential election in the U.S., there was so much fraud that it resulted in a president who was supposed to have been elected. This shows that the history of the United States, from the Declaration of Independence to the present day, was created by man to make man’s ideals a reality. In fact, that is to make man’s dark side appear as a nation in this world.

The recent events symbolize that the man-made nation that was created by Christian civilization in pursuit of its ideals has somehow become a pawn of the dark forces that have been ruling this world until today.

According to the Spiritual world, there has been a chronic disease of darkness in the United States for a long time, and that is the anti-Christian forces of atheism, or Satanism, or some human group that has control over money.

As history has shown, the American ruling class had a certain affinity with, for example, Lenin and his successor Stalin, who gave birth to the Soviet Union, or with Mao Zedong, who led the Chinese Communist Party. This is because atheism is a natural consequence of the world development of capitalism, which is the starting point of modernity, where world domination is allowed in the name of God.As a result of this history, the United States of America, as the most powerful empire in history, has effectively ruled the world since the 20th century, and it was this group of people, the de facto rulers of the United States, who nurtured the communist China that challenged it.

The good Americans who support President Trump are trying to restore America to its founding principles, but so far the military and other institutions of the state do not seem to be responding to their demand for justice.

Why is that? At this moment, what I understand is that Americans today do not have the courage to act, even they have love and justice is in their sight.

The energy that is hindering the health of the human spirit seems to originate from the hell that has been created beneath the surface of the American continent. Satanism has the know-how to use the energy of hell, the collection of human souls, for human domination on earth. Its greatest influence comes from inspiring fear in humans. History teaches us that a good man cannot easily resist a group of human beings who have become accomplices to evil. In human history, in order to invoke this last courage, we must overcome the fear of death, not only for ourselves, but also for our descendants.

The only thing in human history that accomplished this was the samurai spirit, known as Bushido in Japan. To teach this, to teach that death is not the end, the Japanese warriors of light set out for Arlington Cemetery. When that work becomes a reality, both Americans and Japanese will awaken to true freedom.



January 28, 2021(the first year of God era)

Seki Tetsuo