The Light Brain and the Dark Brain (Vol.322)


Most of the energy produced by the human brain today is from the dark side. Especially those who have been brainwashed in one way or another, and have been given a circuit of false values in their brains, spit out sticky verbal energy that influences the consciousness of the others. These energies can be easily generated from the human brain, which is trained not only in religious cults as it used to be, but also in various seminars that are promoted as a means to enhance the ability of humans to achieve their desires.

And in this year 2013, I have received a warning from the spiritual world that the total amount of spiritual energy generated by the human brain is increasing. My experience of learning to avoid risk in the spiritual realm and to maintain a sound mind was really a preparation for these times. Frankly speaking, a person who has been brainwashed by someone to give the chain of command of his actions to another person will sleep day and night in fear, leaving his cold body in a state of solitude. The easiest way to control a person is through fear. Mind control, as it is commonly known, is nothing more than this system of control by fear. This is a situation where the lord of fear has descended to the position of master in the human brain. If people are not aware of that kind of world, they will not be able to escape from the domination and control of those dark energies.

Now, please remind yourself that there is a program in the spiritual world that this country has a role to play in presenting the next model for the world. In this world of darkness, where you look around and see no way out, there is a way out above you into a world of light. The structure of the Spiritual world on the earth is simple, with layers of energy: the light realm above and the dark realm below. The fact that you are led to believe that the layer you are in is all there is is the result of your own choice to accept the domination and control of someone who can only live in that layer of the Spiritual world.

Fear disables the human will to escape from that layer. But essentially, the human world has been given a vector for the evolution of both the living and spiritual systems to be filled with the energy of love.  At the very least, the human body knows that love is a wave and an energy that propagates widely, just as a man and a woman love each other and their children. And when the body is awakened to the essence of this love energy, brain circuits are created that produce what might be called light thoughts. The book “The Final Knowledge” is nothing but a brain power development program designed to make the current human brain function as a generator of this light.

At first you can only skip reading the Yamato-uta, but one day you will realize that it acts on your brain as the energy of the Otodama* and Kotodama*. The human brain receives, understands, and transmits energy as information in the spiritual realm to others, thus developing a person who uses himself as a medium.

From this 2013 forward, we have no choice but to take our place in the realm of light energy, which is being offered free of charge, infinitely, to keep alive the human beings who need to grow so that they do not make their masters the Great Lords of Fear.  I repeatedly mention that human beings need an object to believe in and look up to. Right faith is nothing but that covenant.

The question will be whether you will have a light brain that lets you know that you are not alone, or a dark brain that makes you feel alone and terrified.




January 25, 2013

Seki Tetsuo



otodama* literally means “sound spirit” is the energy contained in the sounds of the Japanese language.

kotodama* is spiritual power believed to contain within words in the Japanese language.