The Jewish People and the Japanese People (Vol.655)


I don’t think there is any disagreement that the smartest people in the world today are the Jews. It is said that there are more than 6 million Jews in Israel, the country where the country was founded, and more than 5 million Jews in the United States of America, for a total population of 13.45 million worldwide (data from 2014). However, the Jews today are not a group of people with common DNA like the Japanese people, but a clan belonging to a religious community.

On the other hand, the current Japanese population is over 120 million, and it can be said that most of the Japanese people today are a group of people with common DNA that was formed on the Japanese archipelago.
Jews are only one tenth of the population of the Japanese, yet they have an overwhelming presence in the fields of finance, science and technology, and even the arts in this world.

Although the Anglo-Saxon race, originally a white race of British descent, was the dominant force in the United States, in the last hundred years of the twentieth century Jews have taken over not only Wall Street, the mass media, and the Hollywood film industry, but also leading positions in science and technology in universities and research institutes.

It has been believed for a long time that many of the super-rich people who are said to hold the wealth of the United States are Jews, and that no American president would be born without their political contributions. In other words, the world’s money, information, and advanced science and technology are controlled by a group of people known as Jews.

The message from the spiritual world about why Jews are so smart is that they have the myth that they are God’s chosen people. There is a saying, “It is time you realized that the Bible defines the limits of knowledge in this world today.”

Those who have been given the breath of life by God and chosen by God cannot go beyond their limits. Their positions that they are God’s property. That is also the limit of Western civilization. In contrast, Japanese people have the myth that they are a race formed in a country founded by the descendants of God on earth.

Japanese are not the property of God, but the offspring of God. This is the main reason why slavery never took root in the Japanese archipelago. I guess I could say that today’s Japan shows what happens when we lose our identity based on such a myth.

There is a lot of public sentiment, represented by the mass media in Japan, about the Nobel Prize. However, most people do not know that the first Nobel Prize would have been awarded to Kitasato Shibasaburo if it were not for racism.

Kitasato Shibasaburo was born and raised in the mountainous region of Kyushu and did not receive an elite education. The fact that a man who has made a mark in world history has emerged from such an environment shows that the education of that era was superior compared to today.

The current education system in Japan, according to the spiritual world, has no chance of producing such world-class talents. The same thing can be said about higher education in the U.S. We have entered an age where even if they pay a lot of money for an education, you cannot hope to get a return on it. In other words, education has become a nullity. When you realize this, you will be convinced that the following warning is coming from the spiritual world.

It says, “Human beings carry with them the time of life that brought them to where they are today.  Some of which are  DNA memories  and also memories of historical events. If you know that history is something that cannot be changed, you will understand the significance of the fact that the history of Japan is truly rare and unique in the world.

In the Japanese archipelago, its history  is stored in the data of the spiritual world. And those who knows the path that the the Shinlogy Association have taken so far should be able to understand this. The message of the spiritual world is that “if we take the Japanese mythology of the descendants of God as the starting point of our education, the intellectual power of the Japanese people will exceed that of the Chosen People of the Bible,” is what the spiritual world wants to convey.



May 30,2019

Seki Tetsuo