The end of Anno Domini (Vol.738)

At the end of 2020 A.D., information was passed along that the end of the biblical age should be announced here, so I will write it down.

The Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, have been nothing more than books to me until now. However, with the arrival of messages from the Spiritual world accompanying the U.S. presidential election, I have been receiving reports that they are gradually beginning to shine.

This marks the end of the time and space of the story of God, the source of the current human’s soul. This is the completion of the story of the God of the Bible.

In the year 2020, even the Japanese, who have been hardly immune to the demons of Christian civilization, are becoming more and more aware of the fact that behind modern Western civilization, and far deeper than the surface events, there is a source of the darkish-colored power that gives certain privileges to a group of human beings who dominate humanity. It is the dark side of Christianity. You can call them anti-Christ, or Satanists, but they existed as rulers of human beings on earth, as covenants with the devil.

In the U.S. presidential election, it should be revealed historically that the group represented by President Trump is actually fighting not against the Chinese Communist Party or the U.S. Deep State, but against a network of people who serve the devil.

In other words, the world today is in the midst of Armageddon. However, as I have told you many times before, this story has already been settled in the Spiritual world as the victory of light, and there is no victory for darkness. So what is the significance of so much anti-Trump activity in this real world?

It is a declaration of sin from within each person’s soul.
Many righteous people’s souls will be called to the Judgment seat.

The message of God in the Bible is that vengeance is mine. In other words, apart from the Judgment of the human world, there is a program of God’s Judgment of the unrighteous in the human world.

It is the agents of the devil in the human world that have brainwashed people into believing that there is no such thing as eternity because it appears that it has not been activated for the past 2000 years, and furthermore, have encouraged people to fulfill their desires while they are still alive because it ends when they die. This is what many people will come to know.

This is how civilization, “it ends when you die,” reaches its end. Not only does it end with death, but the souls of those who participated in it will also be judged.

Many people in this world have already realized that the Chinese Communist Party is a group of people who have sold their souls to the devil, who has been living behind the communism created by Western civilization.

For Americans who understand this, any organization that shares interests with the Chinese Communist Party is an opponent to be fought.

How will the year 2021 look like, when the Western calendar ends and a new human history begins?
Whether the United States of America will split in two again, or whether we will be able to face Communist China as the United States of America just in time, you will soon find out all about it. Beyond that, you can see a schedule that will disclose the darkness of the money system that has controlled this world. And, I would like to disclose again what I have been told is that the Bible was placed in this year 2021, and next was Japanese mythology. When the mechanism of how the “Final Knowledge” was prepared to actualize the end of the Western Calendar in this year 2020 is understood by humans, the purpose of the entire Earth’s existence will also change.

From there, the world of Mikuni or Miroku begins.

The fact that Americans are now beginning to feel God’s breath in this world means that an era has begun in which many God-seeking people on this planet will have an interest in and affinity for the Japanese language, the language of the divine world. It can be said that the Spiritual world is trying to lead human knowledge to the essence of “In the beginning was the Word,” which is the starting point of the Bible.




Seki Tetsuo