The Day at the End of Times (Vol.771)


It seems that on August 15, 2021, the “Times” of my journey has come to an end, so this is my report.

The book “Final Knowledge” is also a record of “A Time ” for me. It describes the events of August 15, 2001.

What I am responsible for here in Japan is to transfer divine knowledge to the side of human knowledge so that the Japanese system, which was put in place to end the age of the Bible, can be activated properly.

I have already mentioned that the term of the Bible  “a time, two times, and a half a time” means ten years, twenty years, and five years to me.

In fact, it seemed to me that the Hado in the Japanese archipelago leading up to August 15, including during the Olympic Games, were extremely bad, and its effects were felt greatly in the world, in the weather, and in people’s minds.

Additionally, there is the event of the United States being defeated in Afghanistan by the incident of “911” in 2001, which plunged the country into a sterile war against terrorism, with the only result of disrupting the world order. Also, in China, there has been a series of natural disasters since last year that the people can only think of as the wrath of the Dragon, the Emperor of Heaven. And, probably in the aftermath, the Japanese archipelago has been hit by torrential rains that seem to indicate that the heavens have given up on the Tokyo government. In my view, these events indicate that we are at a major turning point in this world.

So, what was the theme of this “Times”? The theme of the “A Time” from 1999 was the preparation of a place called the spiritual world. Since it had been prepared, Heaven made me set up the Shinlogy Association to begin the transfer of divine knowledge to the side of human knowledge. The reason for this is simple: what seems to be information about the spiritual world that has existed in the human world for the past 2,000 years or more has been sealed away in a system of knowledge that is directly related to the interests of a group of people called Religion.

From the beginning, the Shinlogy Association has conveyed the will of Heaven to end the age of Religion.

However, at the beginning of the 21st century, the reality was that people on the ground were being brainwashed by atheism to the point of labeling it a religion just because of the name Shinlogy.

Over the past 20 years, ordinary young people began to speak out about the secrets of the spirit and the Hado of this world, and in response, Icon  and Hado Seals that were ordered by the heavens were given to the Shinlogy Association.

Divine knowledge doesn’t come down until human beings are able to accept it properly. If we apply the laws of the spiritual world to the present moment, it means that human beings are at the right time to shed Light on the Darkness of the past history, sort out the traffic of the past, and move on to the next spiritual stage. In terms of the theme of the spiritual world, the role of God and the gods will not end unless the promised Last Judgment is carried out at this time.
In order to carry out the Last Judgment, the side of Light has been searching for the location of the consciousness beings that are responsible for the sins of human history, and that is how it has been for the past twenty years.

It was apparently identified. And from this point forward, Heaven is asking us to encourage the emergence of human beings who will work as one with God and humankind to make this world a world of Mikuni (Kingdom of Heaven)or Miroku, or to nurture human beings who have the ability to do so.

Perhaps that is why the Japanese archipelago needs to sink into the depths of the Darkness once and for all. It seems that not only the Tokyo government, which has already given up on Japan, but also the Japanese society in general, will lose the protection of the Light of the Japanese Gods that they had until now.

As far as I know, the Light of the Shrines, which have protected Japan until now, are currently losing their Light. What lies ahead is nothing but a national crisis. If the Japanese people do not awaken to their divinity, it could be said that the day will come when a group of people who rule the world with atheism, for example, will reign over the Emperor.

And yet, there will come a day in “And Half A Time” when Heaven will know all past misdeeds and humans’ souls will be divided.

“And Half A  Time”  means another five years.



August 19, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo