The Arc is in Japan (Vol.651)


It seems that in the Spiritual world, the age of the ancient gods has truly come to an end in April 2019, and at this time, I have been instructed or requested to write the following words in this light document, so I am going to unveil it.
That is, “The Arc is in Japan”.

The meaning of releasing the word “The Ark is in Japan” now seems to be that the God of Judaism/Israel is participating in the history of this country, and in order to end the era of monotheistic religions that dominate the world today, it is transmitting information to the side of human knowledge about the “world model” after the Last Judgment, which will be set in the Japanese archipelago at this time that the new reign called Reiwa begins.

In the Japanese archipelago today, people whose consciousness is controlled by communism, an atheist ideology that can be said to be the dark side of Christian civilization, have monopolized certain seats of power, such as the mass media, and continue to create the illusion that the voices of people who feel sympathy with them are the majority. But my perception is that it is a mechanism that uses the humans as vessels to fulfill “the Covenant”.

Most of the Japanese people are unconsciously involved in this battle. As a result of the post-war policies of GHQ, which included many communist spies, the pro-American and pro-China groups in politics, government, business, and academia, who have acquired many interests in Japan, are positioned as the representatives of the darkness.

Apparently, it seems to be a political competition of principles between the ruling group and a group of people trying to protect Japanese values that are labeled as extreme right-wing or Neto-Uyo(right-wingers on Internet) by them. But in fact, it is a battle for all of us to discover the answer to the question Jesus asked 2,000 years ago, or why the Ark, which supposedly contained the tablet of the covenant that Moses destroyed, disappeared from the people of Judea and Israel.

The answer is already given, that it is human beings who have created the rules of money in the world today, and the rules of the gods of the Old Covenant and the gods of the New Covenant also.  Those  humans created communism, the ideology of atheism, and they oppose God. And they worship is what we call the devil, who is allowed to rule this world. In other words, with the economy, politics, and academics as they are, this world will become the devil’s country. As a preparatory step for these things, they were made to disclose to the general public the system by which people who have gained a certain amount of fruit in life by standing on the side of the devil after the War will be dropped into the promised new ghosts world of hell after death.

The spiritual world is telling us that the ōmikokoro* has already been completed in the next era of Japan called Reiwa. It is my understanding that this will be an era in which all Japanese who have received the ōmikokoro*, and those who are as ōmitakara* will be divided into the side of God and the side of the devil.

The  term, God’s side and the devil’s side, is described as light and darkness in Shinlogy. However, please recall that Shinlogy  was brought down to the side of human knowledge in order to bring the age of Bible to an end.

Therefore, all the promises of the Bible will be fulfilled, it means that all the elements for those promises are prepared in Japan.

Needless to say, the prototype of the Japanese portable shrine that originated in Usa Hachiman is the Ark. There are many theories, such as the well-known theory that the arc came to Japan and is hidden in Mount Kenzan in Shikoku, or  it may be in Ise Shrine, but I take the position that it does not matter whether the actual object appears or not.

As a matter of fact,  several members of the Shinlogy Association  have consecutively received messages from those who call themselves Yahweh, Moses, and others these days. In addition, the cherubim who were guarding the Ark of the Covenant have also been telling us that the time for their role is coming to an end. So, I can sense that the time is finally approaching.

If the age of the human group that currently controls the world begins as they desire, for example, if the consumption tax hike is implemented in the fall, the dark side of each Japanese person will increase even more, and there will be more souls who will go to hell like a black hole as the dark ones.

If you think that there is an arc in part of the Japanese system that is supposed to be the final plot twist at the very end, you will also see that there is no reason for us living in that era to be born human again.


May 2, 2019

Seki Tetsuo



ōmikokoro* means  Emperor’s will. It’s written as 大御心 in kanji,it literally means Large Honorable Spirit.

ōmitakara* means the people governed by the Emperor, written as 大御宝 in Kanji, it literally means Large Honorable Treasure.