Minister of Right (Vol.389)


Shinlogy  is a logical system in Japanese, given as a starting point by the information of the spiritual  world that the way to overcome the impasse of Western modernity is placed in the library called Japan.

I believe that the reason why it has been unable to think logically in Japanese until now is that the Japanese language brain has been given a system to produce logical results as intuitive conclusions by using the right and left brains in parallel. However, this system is not capable to cope with the global standard of oral communication.

The history of Japan from the opening of the country in the Meiji Restoration until today is the solution to this problem. In fact, the internationalization of this county is actually the transmission of a system of thinking in Japanese to an English-speaking civilization. Therefore, this is becoming a reality in the world of anime and other media. The importance of this is not yet understood by those who believe in the power of Western intellectuals, but the potential power of this country is a high level of popular culture that has continued since time immemorial. It may be symbolized by Yamato-uta (traditional Japanese poetry) of ordinary people in the Manyoshu. It is only because of this high public morality  of the people so  that the Meiji Restoration was able to introduce into this society so quickly  all the science and technology that had been the source of power for Western modernity at that time.

The starting point for that was the consciousness of equality towards humans in this county. What has strengthened the basis for that is actually the structure of the Yamato-uta.

Emperors and commoners alike share the same emotions, the same sensibilities, and in the field  of the language, where people can feel that both heaven and earth are the same place.
In other words, the simple intuition that we are all the same, and empathy for our own homogeneous humanity.

That is the intrinsic power of kotodama*. You could call it a field of communal illusion, but it is roughly a society that shares the same emotional field, or vibrational field. In the homogeneous field of energy, there is no way for a hierarchical relationship of domination and dominated to arise. In other words, in the world of the Yamato-kotoba (the ancient Japanese language) neither the ruling system of the Chinese Empire nor the monotheistic order of the Absolute God can sustain its very thought pattern of existence.It’s my understanding at this year of 2014 is that this country has finally reached the point where it understands its true purpose and meaning, and the knowledge is actually the essence of the Iwato Biraki  (the opening rock cave ; e.g. source Japanese mythology).

All knowledge of Western origin, including science and technology, and ideologies such as democracy, socialism, and communism, does not have the essential power to open up the future. So is philosophy. When Buddhism came to Japan, it was the most advanced knowledge in the world at that time, equivalent to the science and technology of the Meiji era.

If you know what  the god Hitsuku  tells us, that the and closed the last cave of this Kuni, and that the last mechanism of the spiritual world will open after going as far as human knowledge can go, then you’ll know why the rock door opening happens all at once at this moment.

If you know that the god Hitsuk tells us that the last Iwato of this Kuni  was closed due to the invasion of the demons from the Buddhist world
and that the last mechanism of the spiritual world will be opened after humans have gone as far as human knowledge can take them, then you can understand why the rock doors will be opened all at once at this time.

What I know that I should dare to disclose in 2014, that is that the time stream which will make the race of Greys, who are said to ride on UFOs, into the future form of human beings, and the time stream which will bring us to the form of the being that we have called God, who is said to be a consciousness of light, have already been separated.

And in this moment, the Spiritual world is rediscovering Sugawara no Michizane, the country’s Minister of the Right. The meaning of this will become clear in the future, but I will tell you that the shrine network or ley lines in this country are set up to be activated only in the final crisis. It seems as if the whole of Japan is turning to the right, symbolized by the fact that Lord Sugawara was the Minister of the Right, and the movement of the right turn is due to the restorative power of the Spiritual world, and what lies ahead is the Final Judgment of Christian civilization.



May 8, 2014

Seki Tetsuo




Kotodama use to be spiritual power believed to contain within words in the ancient Japanese as Yamato-kotoba. Since modern Japanese became the language of the Devine world, kotodama dwells in the Japanese language nowadays.