Mandate of Heaven (Vol.241)


The starting point for someone who studies Shinlogy is that every human being has a heaven-given program for life. There is a mandate of Heaven to play an important role, and there is also another one in helping someone else learn something. Human beings live to fulfill their role in a limited amount of time.

Some of them should be in charge of communicating the meaning of living well while showing family and friends around them what it means to get sick and face death.
Shinlogy Association has been given a special concept of the Book of Life, a new covenant given from heaven to each of us to pass on our lives to the next. It is a reflection of the situation in the spiritual world that the journey to human death, which religion has been responsible for, is no longer the next step.

Life is a form of existence set with a mortal destiny, and there is no such thing as eternity. The earth is the place that has nurtured this, called life, and we human beings are the vessel for the consciousness that was created by this earth, and that seeks to know the beginning of the universe and before that.

A person’s death means the extinction of a vessel of consciousness. If the consciousness being once awakened, it does not disappear with the extinction of the vessel of its body, and by moving to the next stage, it approaches the goal of eternal life in a way.

It should be possible for anyone to guess that the concept of eternity sought by the shallow human consciousness is essentially different from the concept of eternal life held by a consciousness being that will never disappear even after this material universe has finished its role.

And if you apply this concept to what claims itself to be the envious one, described in the Bible, which is the principle of action of the human beings who now possess too much on this earth. And the essential contradiction of them, who call themselves God becomes apparent.

There is something in the human consciousness that believes itself to be God.

If you realize that those who believe themselves to be this God have created the history of human beings up to now, you will see that humans following  those who claim themselves to be God are only repeating the same history.

It can be said that many religions have kept a lid on human potential by making it a taboo for humans to go beyond its “God”. But this taboo was broken once by a man who would come to be known as Buddha about 2,500 years ago.

If you ignore that, it seems more like a basis for predicting the future from the standpoint of Western modern nihilism from Nietzsche’s superhuman ideas to Hitler’s new humanity. However, that is not the case.

If you confirm the starting point that human beings are Sons of God, then you can carry the sins of human history as Son of God, and become the principal characters in the story that takes place throughout this universe as Son of Man, beyond the primordial God.Those who have learned this secret have ended the process of growth of the human spirit, or consciousness.

When it came into this stage, it’s called mandate of heaven to pass on to others what you have learned in that process.

Shinlogy is for these things that are programmed to live as human beings with new abilities. And in the process of learning, they learn that the biggest problems are not always external, but within themselves.
By continually stumbling over himself (herself), human will find out that what occupies the seat in his (her) own microcosm is not really God. In order to deal with their own microcosm, humans will have to ask for the Last Judgment.

If human, the Son of God, does not seek it, the Last Judgment cannot happen. The trials that are going on right now are a preparation for that.

There is hataraki  in progress that will allow you to see how this world works. Remember, those who realize the meaning of their lives have mandates of heaven.




June 23, 2011

Seki Tetsuo