Heaven and Hell ( Vol.772)


In Afghanistan, the Taliban forces, which are estimated to be one-fourth to one-fifth of the government forces, have been confirmed as the victor, and the U.S. has suffered a civilizational defeat more serious than Vietnam.

Needless to say, the Taliban is a group of Islamic fundamentalists, and they have fought and won a jihad (holy war).  In the Islamic view of life and death, there is no reincarnation as in the case of the Japanese, and those who die will continue to wait for the Last Judgment Day.

The United States and other countries of Western civilization fought and lost against a group of people who believe that those who die in jihad will go to heaven.  It was, as it were, the defeat of atheism.
The fact that Dr. Nakamura, a Japanese doctor who worked for the local people for a long time in Afghanistan, was killed there may have been an event that foretold the defeat of Western civilization.

It is said that it was China that supported the Taliban and the Uyghur issue is said to be behind it.However, this opened the curtain for the era of the US exit and China’s military rise.
The Taiwan issue has become the Senkaku Islands issue and beyond that, it has cast a big shadow on the future of the Okinawan people who have been instilled with a sense of victim to the Japanese nation. If things continue as they are, the historical story of the peace movement in Okinawa may become a reality, paving the way for Okinawa to become a battlefield once again.  The Japanese gods will remain silent in this battle, just as they did in the Great War.

The reason why I am writing this at this time is because it is my understanding that the shrine wards of the Japanese archipelago, which somehow protected Japan’s national identity even during that great war, have lost their power at this time.  It doesn’t mean that the gods have disappeared.

The gods gave up on the Japanese Empire when it annexed Korea, but they did not give up on retaining the Japanese islands. But it seems that in 2021, they have decided not to use their energy to hold the wards.
It can be said that the world equalization is now complete.

The money monopolists, on the other hand, seem to have established their dominance over the world, but they simply could not conquer a group of people who believe in the Last Judgment. There is no doubt that the Islamic fundamentalists’ suicide bombing attack was born out of respect for the Japanese suicide squad. In fact, therein lies the essential battle of civilizations. I would like to note here that there seems to be no system of knowledge in Western civilization that would enable us to understand this history correctly.

Maybe a group of people who have monopolized the world’s money are trying to end the role of the US military as their private army. If the People’s Liberation Army takes that role, the future of the world will be blackened.
This is the change in the world that has taken place behind the Wuhan virus pandemic.

What lies ahead is either the collapse of the world money system or the realization of the activities of human groups who will make the biblical prophecies a reality by causing another World War II-grade event.
Either way, these scenarios will bring about the appearance of Heaven and Hell in this world.

The era of Pax Americana is over. The time of the Japanese government to follow it is also over. Furthermore, it seems that the Japanese system has been activated, and the Japanese shrine wards, which were created to hold the data, have finished their historical role.

From here on out, the world of those who know will begin. As I have been reporting for a long time, some of the Japanese gods, heroic spirits, or human groups that have been raised to Heaven have traveled to North America to strengthen the work of Light in bringing the Darkness of their history to the surface.

The reason behind this is the fact that the entire ghost world of this world has become one, and both Japanese and American spirits are now able to share the information of Light. That is why, for example, the dead of the American Civil War who were laid to rest in Arlington Cemetery were able to communicate about the money conspiracy behind the war.

There is no way to stop this movement of the spiritual world. The process of the dead awakening and their records being transferred to the Heaven to be judged is now underway. In this process, the purification of the Japanese archipelago will also proceed, but it will be done by awakened human beings, not by the gods.





August 26, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo