Flowers bloomed on roasted beans ) (Vol.639)

It’s February 3rd of this year, 2019. The day when flowers bloomed on roasted beans, as told by Nao Deguchi of the Omoto-kyo, became a reality in the Spiritual world. What happened was that the door to Hades was opened, and the demons that had been sealed away by the bean-throwing ceremony of Setsubun were released into this land, as I acknowledged it.
In other words, the blooming of the roasted beans was an announcement that the spirits of the dead, demons, and other unworldly beings would also be resurrected in some form before the Final Judgement.
The other world superimposed on this world is the state of Japan in the 21st century, and the last thing that came to mind was the Kuni (realm) of Hades in Japanese mythology.
It was there that I met Izanami, the presiding deity of Hades, whose goal in life was to make flowers bloom in this world.

Those information from gods that led mebegan to come out all at once here. In 1991, TyphoonNo. 19 , also known as Typhoon Apple, swept through the Japanese archipelago, causing damage to shrines all over the country, and also there was a report in my head that the fall of a huge tree, which was considered to be a sacred tree, would be remembered as a sign of the beginning in the future generation.

The most important thing is the three cedars are considered to be Izanagi, Izanami and Shirayamahime atShirayama Hime Shrine. It was said before that the three cedars had fallen, and its meaning would eventually be clarified one day. However, I know what it means now.

The conclusion of this understanding is that the Japanese archipelago will now move to the next stage from the story of the Chronicles, which has created history up to now. It also means that we have confirmed that the schedule of the Spiritual world is definitely projected onto this Kuni (country)of the human world.

As the data of Izanami, who presided over the Kuni (realm) of Hades, enters the information system of light in the Spritual world, you should be able to understand that the system placed in Japan is theFinal Judgement, including the realm of the dead. The consciousness of many Japanese people is still under the brainwashing of world domination by the demons of monotheistic religions that this Kuni(country) was forced to experience during the 150 years since the Meiji Restoration, but the truth is that our souls were created as a trinity of the characteristics of Izanagi and Izanami, and the characteristics of Shirayamahime as Musubumono (the one who connect) and our potential is given to us as something that reaches the knowledge that connects this life and the next, in other words, that could reach divine knowledge in fact.

The awakening I am talking about is the realization that we exist as the embodiment of the divine evolution of this universe, so to speak.

Only by facing up to how much blood has been shed in the human history under the name of “God” , we come to a proper understanding of what the meaning of God is also just a process. Therefore if we awaken, we will also graduate from the age of religion.

Inside of  human head, there is an attached function to verbalize and visualize the consciousness energy sent from elsewhere, and the beings of the Spiritual world can use that circuit to control human consciousness.

The characteristic of the current civilization is that it was created by humans using this knowledge against other humans. And the one who uses this knowledge to reign like a ruler of the world is the consciousness being that has been called the devil since ancient times.The  demons can be dealt with by the activation of the purifying power provided in the human body, it is a knowledge system of Shinlogy and this knowledge does not come from the past. That is the characteristic of divine knowledge which has been conveyed to me that no one knows when the time has come. When the time comes for you to know, you will know. It means asking humans to think about where the knowledge comes from.

If you think about it, you will realize that the day and the time that I have been repeatedly telling you about, that the promise will be fulfilled, is now upon us.





Seki Tetsuo