First contact between science and God (Vol.710)

On June 14, at my seminar in Tokyo, the experimental devices of the icon devices, which I have been reporting on this Hikarimonjyo (light documents) before, were unveiled to our members. And that day will be remembered in the future as a memorable day for the meeting of human and divine knowledge, when science and technology somehow transformed the energy of the Spiritual world into waves in the electromagnetic domain and artificially output it.

Originally, science in Western civilization had the starting point of proving the existence of a monotheistic or Christian God.
But after a long period time of exploring, science became to be considered as a denial of the existence of God, and this period has passed.  At this timing, a human intellect was born in response to the divine knowledge with the aim of ending the era of monotheistic gods or religions, and contact between the divine world or realm and the human world of science and technology has begun.
Now, their (icon devices’s ) starting point was IconSeal in the first place. There have been warnings from the realm of the being governing me that if humans continue to plunge into the era of 5G communication, human’s mind and body will be in danger, and as a response those  stickers were granted to the Shinlogy association.
When a sound artist found out about its function, or rather hataraki(work), the idea or revelation of an Icon device came down his head. They’re completed as devices for transferring the energy of the God world with real electrical circuits to human sensibility and senses. This is the first tool for God-human contact in the history of humankind.
Why are these devices necessary in this day and age?  The reason for this, in the image of the knowledge this developer was taught from heaven, it seems that electron flow in energized electronic circuits on Earth today, or besides its particles, there are good one and evil one. As a result, the evil energy that is generated there is radiated into the human body from equipment and wiring, which makes the human body, consciousness, and even mind sick. Apparently, this situation is getting worse.
As a matter of fact, smartphones and PCs emit large amounts of electromagnetic radiation, and it is already becoming common for sensitive people to complain of depression and other symptoms due to their effects.
According to current human knowledge, these are the effects of electromagnetic waves. However, as told to the developers this time, if there is a right or wrong in electrons, then malicious evil is being projected into the human world from all of the information and communication networks that are networked around the world.
The mass media has brainwashed many humans with its information content, so I had a sense of urgency regarding the effects of science and technology on human consciousness and mind, but the situation is far more serious than that.
There were reports to my head beforehand that cyberspace has already become the main battleground of the battle between light and dark.
So,the cyberspace is a place created by humans with computers and electronic devices, and I honestly didn’t know what to do with it, even if it is called the main battlefield.
But this time all the mystery was solved.
Meaning of “cyberspace is the main battlefield” is, you should figure that out as soon as possible, it is that the electrons flowing in the circuitry would be colored by whether it was the human consciousness of light or the human consciousness of darkness that were behind the programs and content that existed there.
If there is such a thing as artificial intelligence, developed by a group of humans with a malicious intent to enslave all of humanity, we should think that the world will be polluted by the large amount of evil electrons released on the earth in proportion to the power consumed by the machine.
In order to deal with this, a human group, which has received the will of light, also needs to work in the cyberspace. Needless to say, since this real world is the demon’s realm, today’s cyberspace is none other than the demon world.
With the creation of a number of light programs and light contents  out there, they will change the consciousness of humanity.The first contact of science and technology with God marks the beginning of such an era.