The Final Knowledge (176)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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(Book page 273~275)

I will destroy bukkai (the Buddhist world)
I need your help

He said that many were trying to stay in bukkai (the Buddhist world). They were closed-minded. They were balls of egos. They must already have learned, but they still tried to be individuals. They did not know that nirvana was disappearance. The purpose of the teaching of Buddha was complete disappearance. They were against it. I knew that the reason was Buddha’s salvation thought. Some human consciousness remained believing that bukkai (the Buddhist world) would exist until Miroku (Maitreya) appears 5.6 billion and 70 million years after Buddha’s death.
Some spiritual data might hold the number of 5.6 billion and 70 million. It is a shallow human knowledge to consider the number as time or years. Wanisaburo applied the number to the population, when Miroku (Maitreya) appeared in the Ofudesaki (the original holly text of Omoto). He said that the most optimum population on the Earth was 5.6 billion and 70 million. I add when the population of the Earth exceeds this number, the final program of shin-kai (the god world) starts. It is the world of matsu. It means to wait and also means to end. Both mean the Judgement.
Buddha told me to destroy with light. I asked. I wondered if they would be reborn rather than disappearing by doing that.
He answered, “That is all right”.

It is law
that those who must learn
go back to life

I sent light to bukkai (the Buddhist world) in my prayer. The pyramid of Mount Meru was huge. Every single ston-like thing consisting of the mountain was a conscious being. When they were exposed to light, those conscious beings started to awaken. The consciousness of those existences, who were conscious between sleep and wakefulness in the lotus position, were activated by light. Then, when they awakened, they encountered themselves. They realized that they still had their egos, which they believed to let go of. The individual consciousness activated by light fell one after another into the phase which I call the circle. Long, long hours passed. There was something left in my light, and the pyramid lit by light of bukkai (the Buddhist world) disappeared.