The Final Knowledge (175)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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Human beings are not freed
until the day or hour

It can be reduced to this phrase but I relived Buddha’s enlightenment with the vision and explanation. No wake-mitama (child-spirit) of deities meant that he had nothing to control nor cover up his consciousness. Buddha could have contact with deities, devils and other conscious beings. And he discovered that even deities who controlled humans were slaves to a circle. So Buddha teaches that beings who are born in both the physical world and the spiritual world must come back to this world because they do not know how to end their existence. That is the endless circle. Buddha’s enlightenment is to aim to completely disappear. However, nobody will be freed until the day or hour comes. At least, he tried to stop being born again in this world. That was his will. If Buddha could completely have ended his existence, bukkai (the Buddhist world) could not have been created. He said that the ultimate purpose was complete disappearance.
That was brought in the following vision. I was told that the reaching point would been shown. And, first, I saw a vision of myself in the lotus position. I did not usually sit like that, so I knew that I was going to relive Buddha’s enlightenment. Then, I saw what Buddha had seen. In the dark universe, the galaxy was spreading below me sitting. In the distance, I could see other galaxies. I had blissful sense of oneness. I was one with the universe. What have come out of stardust were united with the entire existence of this universe. Dust gets together, emits light, completes its role, explodes, and gets ready for something new. It is passed on. Stars produce life out of the dust, and the life reaches the knowledge, and at last the universe rediscovers itself.
The words came to me.

“The time when human beings know it is set”

In a relevant way of saying, the universe has the will. Or it has the vector of awakening. While I was in the blissful oneness, I was also in despair that nobody would not understand. On the Earth, even deities did not know what Buddha could know. Buddha recognized that. So he did not teach that after his enlightenment. He started to teach a part of the knowledge to people after the story of san-shin-reihai (the Trimurti). In the story, primal deities at the time in India hoped that Buddha taught human beings what he knew. By this, Buddha, who was human, became the being with higher knowledge than deities. This indicated that human beings had the potential to exceed deities. Buddha discovered that even deities were trapped in the circle. Unless humans were released from the time when they were controlled by those deities with the system of wake-mitama (child-spirit), they would also be caught up in the circle. At least, he hoped that they did not have to transmigrate. That was Buddha’s basic attitude. It was five centuries before Jesus had been born. It was still the time when the relationship between humans and deities defined the human world. Buddha already cleared one phase of the spiritual world 2500 years ago. The time seemed that human knowledge could develop. In Greece, philosophy-based human knowledge blossomed and was exceeding the limit of deities. In Nostradamus’ terms, the twenty years of the Moon’s reign did not start yet. Buddha was trying to lead those who stayed in bukkai (the Buddhist world) after he encountered me. He said that they should be freed from bukkai (the Buddhist world).
One day, Buddha suddenly appeared in my consciousness.