The Final Knowledge (157)

Chapter Four
【Evil Legacy】

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It is the agreement between my master existence and “Ma-ou” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) to put the god world of the Earth on the path to extinction. Or it is the collaborative work. The covenant between the celestial sky and the ground stands there.
While observing the deities of the god world, I asked a simple question to my master existence. Some human beings have higher-level souls. So why can they assert the edge over the human beings because they are deities. The answer is the extinction of the god world, which is that some leave for light and others become human beings if they should. It is the disclamation of the system of light and mitama (spirit).
My companion recorded the will of the Earth. It was recorded in her sound consciousness.

1993 July 1st recorded by my companion
Mitama (spirit) belongs to god that records human beings
Within human beings a divine part exists other than that
Input light and darkness in subconscious
Mind aspires to god even though it is ripped apart by light and darkness
Mitama (spirit) is a guide to that but not essential
Now human beings do not have divine mitama (spirit) but it is acceptable
Because god is everything
Mitama (spirit) assuming part of god
No need to be replaced with Amaterasu’s nor deities’
As human beings get closer to the level of deities
Further mitama (spirit) will be just too heavy
Mitama (spirit)… which is helpful to lead human beings
Not omnipotent
God is the Creator of the infinite and the only one
Existing outside of deities and human consciousness

There is a proof here that it is the awakening of the Earth to extinguish the god world and end the system of controlling human beings by mitama (spirit)of deities. Since I was awakened, I have had shin-gyo (god work) sticking thoroughly to mitama (spirit). Even after I found a factor leading to destruction within mitama (spirit), I, as a human level, have stuck to it. I was trying to rework mitama (spirit). This is the knowledge that the Earth gave me.
The reason why many religions blindly aim to increase believers is that they have an unconscious goal to unify the god of all mankind with the system of wake-mitama (child-spirit). That is one kind of control by the god. However, the key to this system is the distribution of wake-mitama (child-spirit). “Kikurihime” in Japanese name or “shirayamahime” is privileged to decide it. Baptism and circumcision as a contract with the god of a religious group is just a human formalization of the rule of the god world, which is wake-mitama (child-spirit). Deities do not know about that. However, they know that it creates considerable energy to gather human beings, or human thoughts and feelings. It is the method of ma-kai (the evil world) to collect the energy of human thoughts and feelings. This is an absolute contradiction.