The Final Knowledge (152)

Chapter Four

【Evil Legacy】

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(Book page 346~348)

“What is the point of ruling everything?”

There was an answer for my question.

“I will become God.”

That was what my inner devil answered. On this earth, gods, devils, and human beings are all set the seal of energy of the spiritual world, which is “to become God”. Light aspires to god. Light might shine through the thought of being able to become god. And, I recognized. The strong, the most powerful rules everything.
“To become god”
The human history has aimed for it. This is madness. At first, I thought that only the god world was the land of madness. My thought was that correcting the god world would solve everything. That was not right. Devils and human beings are all mad. They want to become god.
The factor of the recurrence to the origin god is placed in them, and also the factor of their desire to become god serves there.
Human beings carry crosses in double, which are their own inner motivation of their souls and the demonic power that they inevitably encounter through their own body.

and create”

Those words are weighty. My master existence told me to alter my body. I tried to make my body to block evil, but nothing has actually changed. The evil power invaded my consciousness and body every night. I sweat to react against sleep paralysis and nightmares, and most of my sleeping time was the memory of fight. Because I learned chakras and brought them up in my conscious mind, the reaction got worse. I was able to handle it though it got worse. I reconsidered the meaning of ‘alter’. Under the assumption that the devil knows everything about the physical ability, my mistake became apparent. The barrier of light to prevent the entrance of the devil, which I expected my body to have, was good for nothing. The devil knows the human body inside out. It knows more than my physical consciousness senses. I have already seen human consciousness unconsciously manipulated many times.
The devil’s sensor has been installed in my body. Until now, the devil has used this sensor one-sidedly. I already know its function and where it is. The sensor must be used also reversely. If I use that circuit, it won’t be impossible for me to contact or invade the devil’s consciousness.
When I came up with the idea of doubling this body, I lifted a little finger. I felt the approval. I deeply fell silent and kept observing my inner self. I released the devil that I sealed in my light. I found that my physical consciousness has mastered the function of light when I reduced the load of my inner body. The body simply likes light. The truth that I like is there.

The body likes light
The body dislikes darkness