The Final Knowledge (128)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

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(Book page 432~433)


Jesus’ words in the Bible are full of contradiction and even contain anger. However, there is an indomitable will to try to tell those who do not know from the one who knows. It has a factor to raise what I call the spirit. Human beings are caught up in Jesus’ words when they encounter them. Those words are used for them to keep mired and thinking the meaning.
Because human beings sense that god does exist behind them, it might be said that they are held captive and start thinking. After continuing to think about those words and Jesus’ deeds, they bump into an incredibly simple truth that human beings are equal under the one god. From that point, whether it is consciously or unconsciously in the human mind, a conversation with the being that is assumed to be god will start.
Thought or contemplation to look for the answer to the question of asking why to god begins.
That beginning point is always least. The one god’s righteousness is there. Human beings sense god’s light there. I repeat that the spirit is the refined divinity within human beings.
Because Jesus’ words are divine and are placed on the earth for the god’s story to progress, unless the story is deciphered to the end, they will retain the power within human beings. As long as Jesus’ words remain in force, Jesus will be placed in the gravitational sphere of the spiritual world on the ground. It is the absolute rule. The cup which Jesus drank from means that.
Jesus’ words are the important key to the spiritual evolution of human beings.
Jesus gave light to those who were considered to suffer punishment from god, or, honestly, those who were ostracized and oppressed by the society. He told that god was with those who were believed to be forgotten by god. The concept that god was with those who were ostracized was derived from Moses who extricated his people who were said to be aggrieved in Egypt and his god. However, while Moses’ god was just clannish god or ethnic god, more universal concept of god has been shown in Jesus’ words. Therefore, Jesus predicted that the good news about the kingdom will be preached through all the world for a witness to all people. He also said that then the end will come. I know that the term, the good news about the kingdom, which Jesus said was not used for a small meaning of the Gospel, the Bible, and the diffusion of Christianity throughout the world.