The Final Knowledge (125)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

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(Book page 423~425)

Before long, I could see that the words in the universe were gradually losing light. The spinning speed of the helical structure was also reduced with it. It was not what originally existed on the earth. It was a false universe which was created through the fusion of the data of kotodama (soul of the words) in shin-kai (the god world) and my companion’s brain function by the beings of ma-kai (the evil world).
Without knowing what happened, she told me that Japanese characters which lost their combining power circling apart in her head. After getting rid of the barrier in this way, I taught her the easiest way to read the Bible that I knew. It was the way to read the only words told by Jesus from Gospel of the New Testament. Jesus’ words which are recorded in common in Gospel are important. Apart from the time course of the establishment of Gospels, there is concentrated energy in Jesus’ words remaining in a number of Gospels in common.
Moreover, she liked Jesus whom she met during shin-gyo (god work). Even though she could not understand god I talked about, she liked Jesus. I knew that the spirit comes into being from there. To the end that all of Jesus’ words are fulfilled, those words have been placed on this ground and preserved for two thousand years.

I tell you

Most human beings have not noticed how much heat of strong indignation a litany of these words harbor within themselves. I have to tell people that. During that time, most of the problems that ma-kai (the evil world) challenged me on through my companion were the recurrence of the story of two thousand years ago that Jesus had solved. What follows is the realization of Jesus’ prophecy.
I kept telling my companion. She had to awake, or she was short of time.

You have little time left
There is a being that fulfills the prophecy of two thousand years ago
You do not know
but I know
My master existence has annihilated shin-kai (the god world)

Soon, a change came about. Words passed her lips.

Please help me

Some changes could be seen in that closed-minded, smarty form of existence. It was that agonizing. It was a proof that the barrier of the stories which had protected her collapsed and she started thinking that the suffering arose from herself. Her microcosm centering the inner god was finally heading for its destruction.
My long-awaited spiritual field was about to form in the consciousness.
At last, the combat field was moving into her microcosm.
The beings of ma-kai (the evil world) were not aware.