The Final Knowledge (114)

Chapter Five
【Spiritual Immunity】

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(Book page 399~402)

Human bodies intrinsically have countermeasures, such as opioid in the brain, against continuing pain. The ones from ma-kai (the evil world) that used my companion completely understood the utmost limit where those physical defensive functions did not work. My companion made a comeback phoenix-like next morning though she had fallen down. Looking at it, I could not help thinking that they perfectly understood the physical system and master it. It was a vicious circle. For my companion, it was pain which she could not realize as something to learn. Pain given to the body clouded her ability to think rationally. It sometimes made her sleep entirely. Nothing to learn could come out of it. Simple logic from her experience must have sufficed for her to know the continuous threats in her head came from ma-kai (the evil world) and the energy from there was accompanied by physically terrible headaches. She did not know how to fight against this power though she tried to. She could not deal with this energy on her own.
As a result, first, she challenged me to a fight with her words as a voice of ma-kai (the evil world) and after that she radiated negative energy in a coma. When she woke up, she was back to normal. She was aware of her being used by ma-kai (the evil world) in her usual state. She knew that I dealt with the energy and her headache was gone on the day. However, when the head became filled with the energy of ma-kai (the evil world), which was a headache, her usual personality with soundness was losing control of the body. The transformation, in which her facial expression, her eyes, and her vocabulary changed, was clear. And she controverted my shin-gyo (god-work). She alleged that her mind and body which had been normal were destroyed by me. This happened almost everyday.
I could tolerate that because the attack from ma-kai (the evil world) had an absolute rule and a law.
One of the law was that my companion recovered whatever happened. Another one was that the-spiritual-world like energy was emitted when only she and I were there. I knew that this effluence of energy of ma-kai (the evil world) was completely controlled never to exceed my cognitive and disposal abilities. It was because that was a story and was a program of “Ma-ou” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) to teach everything as real experiences to me as a story teller.
My companion was a spokesperson to deny the existence of this program outright. I was taught this as follows. Ma-kai (the evil world) of the earth viewed me and some forms symbolized by me as foreign substances invading the earth. They knew that we would endanger their existence unless they eliminated and resolved these foreign matters out of ma-kai (the evil world). They concentrated all the information system of my companion’s body on its offensive power. An ultimate energy generation system of a human body as a recipient of god was finally completed. It was the ultimate weapon or the masterpiece which “Ma-ou” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) meant. Human bodies have potential this far. Human-beings could be either divine recipients or evil recipients. “Ma-ou” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) knew what would have happened if the following “Ma-ou” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) had been born within my companion and her system had been moved into a different human being according to the program of the earth. That was why they told me that they were ready.
Someday, human-beings will know the system created within her at any price. Unless they overcome it, a story of doom will come again anyway. The very spiritual-world like energy of ma-kai (the evil world) that I was facing here was the power itself that sent Jesus to the cross. If I did not find out the way to fully get over it, the story would not develop to the next stage. I was supposed to be able to overcome it. However, it was actually hard to uncover the way. It was clear what the problem was.