The Final Knowledge (92)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 502~504)

Even until then, none of my companion’s ability had been lost. Even during her worst period approaching insanity, she could write down the message of light and dark consciousness within others when it was needed. My companion who recovered knew what my shin-gyo (god work) was like for the first time by reading The Final Knowledge. Fragmentary memories were organized and formed one system. By confirming it, she would be able to prove herself.

No death
No insanity

In order to be achieved those first promises, my companion needed to repent and be healed through my master existence’s will. I could say that I kept waiting for this. And she started reading it. I understood that every memory was reproduced and reconstructed in her consciousness.
One day, she said that a message came to me. It was summer in 2001.

Uta (verse) of July 10th (1)
Hiruno hikariwo
Tachite naho
Miho toke tokanu
Mono arite
Kehuno hinakami
Miwo arite

“The Great King of Darkness”

Uta (verse) of July 10th (2)
Ano hi
Ano toki
Ano hi toki
Warewo mi kagiri
Miyono tatsu