The Final Knowledge (46)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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For the past two thousand years, especially the knowledge of this kind of area was concealed because of its risk. Before then, however, for example in China, Lao Zi had already known about this energy. This knowledge was also in India from the early part of the civilization, but humans as energy generators were controlled under the rule of deities. Since Jesus and Muhammad considered this energy to be devilish, people who knew and used this power were limited. However, to be free means that these control and deterrence have gone. Humans will know that mystic supernatural power and qigong originate from the energy which anyone can generate. It means that the common sense in the modern and present society which is made up of the assumption that the human society consists of people who are ignorant of this energy or most of them have nothing to do with this and they are little affected by it will be modified.
In medieval times, it was a crime for humans to curse others. It is essentially not a case that can be covered with the human law, though. Humans are good at hating as well as loving. They do not feel guilty about releasing the energy to the outside of their microcosms. The dark energy generated in this way becomes enormous as human desire and the population increase. Because such an era will begin, the work of righteous humans who search for the kingdom is needed.
From now, the people of the kingdom live on the ground but exist in the sphere of light at the same time, and must take the role to keep purifying the dark energy with their bodies and consciousness. This assumption is there, so I was told “mikotoba” (sacred words) for ascending to light and purifying by my master existence. The word ‘light’ used in it is definitely the knowledge to awake the consciousness to reach the kingdom. Light brings humans knowledge. The light comes from the concept of the only god and of the new kingdom that humans should aim at for the times to come. It is the only way to ascend from the heart of the soul that should take one’s life to that sphere.