The Final Knowledge (96)

Chapter Six


(Web page 41/51)
(Book page 511~513)

Uta (verse) of August 3rd
kohane sasu
michishi shijimano
fushou bushouno
koete miwomochi

“Sender unknown”

To make this uta (verse) easy to understand, I wrote it down in Chinese characters as I read it to the meaning first time.

Fuji (Mt. Fuji or immortality) no akane (deep red) no
kohane (stone heart) sasu (break through)
michi (full) shi (death) shijimano
hie (human wisdom) no mikakeno
michi (path) shi (death) toki
fushou bushouno (unwilling)
michi (path) arite
koete (cross over) mi (body) wo mochi (hold)
shiro (path of death) shiku (lay) ha
kohane (stone heart) no motohi (origin of light)
michi (path) kakeru toki

Comparing to a series of uta (verses) sent before this one, it would be known that minooya of the human world was making the world without god, the world without god was a sort of immortal world, and also the world which humans called the other world, and it showed the time finally came to lay a path toward the deep-seated root making the other world without god and dig it up.
Human ghosts were allowed to live again to take the Last Judgment. However, here again, pertinacious thoughts and feelings trying to remain in immortal eternity acted as the power of refusing to awake.