The Final Knowledge (44)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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The energy of desire made inside of the self and the energy of desire for achievement put into by others including a family in a society develop a totally different story from the one that the person is originally aiming at as the purpose of life. Humans with higher ability tend to be caught in this trap. They suddenly lose the convictions of their goal of life in which they have been acting as if they were living their own stories. This lostness comes to them at around the same time as the decline of physical ability. That is because the action of human consciousness extends beyond the form of physical existence that is the body. As the body ticks by to the end, which is death, the model of consciousness in a human being that death does not mean the end is awakening. In the past, humans could learn one thing in a lifetime. Humans from now on must learn everything because this program of the Judgment is input in the depth of the consciousness of those who are born after the time of the day or hour.
That has been prepared since the beginning of the world. Humans have the mirror to reflect the spiritual world as their mind. If their mind rightly mirrors the present spiritual world, the human microcosm will exist under the only god. In ordre to make the owner of the body of the self the one and only soul, they have to make their honest mind to reflect this new spiritual world the mirror. A human being as a microcosm that holds what is in the past, such as deities or Buddha, can not make his or her soul the one and only owner of the body.
The reason why I repeatedly declare that god has become the one and only and tell you to awake is “for you to be yourself”.