The Final Knowledge (42)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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It is for that purpose that my master existence prepared the word, Shinlogy (spiritual studies), for me. Human knowledge already began to find out that the area of spiritual activities and consciousness is such an enormous frontier as to match the physical universe. Many people try to study human consciousness, but their approaches have not yet gotten out of existing study fields, which are particle physics, philosophy, and theology. I explained that psychology which Freud started attempted to reach human mind by the method that seemed to be scientific based on the past Oriental knowledge, but its limit has already become known.
Dreams, for example, can consciously be controlled when humans come up to a certain level. And also, as for past life regression which was popular as the memory of past life, it can not be even judged by the current knowledge whether it comes out of the person’s ghost memory to the consciousness or is the story made by the person in the consciousness. The memory of the ghost that has the past life memory is shut up in humans because they have to act and learn something successively from that memory in their life but not to prove transmigration from a scientific point of view. That approach is not right, so if they try to prove it, they will come across another unexpected story. For example, an evil conscious being that can move freely does not always have to be in a body. Even an energy being, such as a ghost and jibakurei (a ghost tied to the ground) that is abandoned there with no freedom to move can easily possess humans, not anyone though, if they go to the place. A ghost being that remembers the human past life stays in the solar plexus chakra, which is around the abdomen as a body part, and in order to raise this ghost to the consciousness, the vertebra essentially needs to be changed into ascending energy. That has to be done by the body consciousness or external energy projection. If a past-life regression practitioner does not have the knowledge of such energy, nothing can be more dangerous than this.