The Final Knowledge (38)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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By that, humans will be able to change themselves who have no knowledge and are at the mercy of the earth-scale story of god into awoken humans who can gaze at the god in their own stories. They will also be able to advance in a way released from conflicts of race and religion which have brought many disasters to the human history. Race, religion, and their history have culture. I do not deny them. However, for example, nobody must think that it should be a successive culture such that human hearts are offered to god. Humans have repeatedly replaced their sin secretly with god’s in many spiritual cultures telling the name of god. Religious people have concealed their desire to rule others with god’s authority or their one-sided belief of approaching the kingdom, and apart from being conscious or unconscious, they have believed that they are allowed to be superior to others. It is their one-sided belief that they should be closer to the god. However, two thousand years ago, Jesus surely taught us, didn’t he? He taught us not to pray in the synagogues, but to go into your room, close the door and pray.
It connects humans to the approach to god to be least and pray alone. The ceremony gathering many people makes different energy of common illusion, no matter how it is sublime. It is no wonder kamigakari (trance) having nothing to do with god happens there. No wonder they feel something like spiritual energy over their whole body in some way of feeling and they think to be purified. The response to the energy in a group can happen at a festival back in history, at a meeting of the Communist Party in recent times, or at an event of the Nazis that was familiar with the meaning of such directed energy.
The energy created by a human mass is nothing but kegare (impurity) for the righteous god.