The Final Knowledge (37)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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Then, the day or hour has been executed. All the conscious beings in the spiritual world but living humans have been judged. The old celestial sky and ground have completely died out. However, living humans, even the ones with supernatural power, did not know about these things. That is because each human being lives with the only information in his or her inner microcosm. In that place, the past is gaining time toward the Last Judgment now and also in the future. Awoken humans should be able to sense that the spiritual world which was once believed to exist in the past is nowhere, except ghosts belonging to the human world remaining on the ground. Living humans, as the top of the spiritual evolution, are staying in one layer expanding with the sphere of light above and the sphere of darkness below. It is up to them to ascend or fall. If they ascend, the light celestial sky with a new rule is there, and if they fall, hell with a new rule is waiting for them. It is human prayer that sought for this rule of light. The ones who sought for the kingdom were the ones who sought for the right judgment.
The kingdom is created by the trinity simply consisting of love, courage, and righteousness, and even the god as the word is needless to reach there. I would say that love, courage, and righteousness are the attribute of god, or the trinity of those is god. If human divinity is shown righteously, the kingdom will easily appear on the ground. What is needed for it is, repeatedly said, to repent.
I also repeat that if the will of creation existing before the beginning point and the will of awakening are called the truth of god, humans should find that the existence that has stolen the god’s creation and authority, has made its own story, has physically realized it, and has become the god on the earth after falling five times is shut in the human soul carrying its sin as the cross. It is Jesus’ cross that is the story to make humans notice that they have the original sin of gods’ children who stole, kill, and sealed the god. Humans killed the children of god. The mythological meaning of why humans killed the children of god is clearly recorded in the mythology on this earth. Obstinate, defiant, wicked, and jealous. All those human factors are derived from dark energy which is the cause of five-time extinctions. That energy also killed Jesus. Humans have to carry it as the cross. That is because humans are the children of god. When humans accept this story, human repentance in a right sense will begin.