The Final Knowledge (34)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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That is the same as the energy of darkness brought by the activity in sphere of the human spiritual world. Human energy acting alive is the strongest. That is equivalent to the fact that ikiryo (living person’s ghost) is much more dangerous than ghost. Most of the living human conscious energy is spent as the energy of thoughts to controle others and create their superiority in order to achieve their own human desire. It is absolutely evil. Wealth and power useful for the achievement of their personal greed become the target for the jealousy of many people who do not have them. As Moses’ god declares that I tolerate no rivals, the jealousy of humans who reflect the god on the earth is so strong that it was beyond all my imagination. Even though humans have right motives at their starting point, they are exposed to the evil thought energy of many others who are jealous of them. Unless they have strong belief or purification power, their souls are made “unclean” by the dark energy. Then they misjudge and will sully their later years.
Many of the humans playing a leading part have some kind of ability of the spiritual world which is called charisma. However, most of them do not know that living with using the ability will be the way to the bottom of the evil world when they have a wrong purpose and misuse it. The role to change the era is left to this creative minority for the time being, though. Humans who contact the area of creativity existing in the upper air of the spiritual world and work by the knowledge for their jobs or the spiritual energy given in order to play an assigned role will dramatically increase with this knowledge disclosure. Humans, as the children of god, used to steal those knowledge and power originated in the spiritual world and use them unconsciously. From now on, humans will be accused of it. That is because the children of the god or deities that stole the light of the origin god are humans. It required two thousand years to know it.