The Final Knowledge (22)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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This physical universe was made as the place for learning and meeting. It is creation that is the greatest learning. However, responsibility must be taken for what is created. The writer of the story must take full responsibility for it. They must exist and play himself as the leading role of the story. God that is the leading role of the story of the earth was born in that way. From that viewpoint, I will write the story of god on the earth that I know.
The story started from Orion.
The origin of deities on the earth, especially deities in Egypt, is Orion. The knowledge of the deities of Orion laid the basis of Egyptian civilization. Until a certain time, Orion functioned as the recurrent point of deities’ mitama (spirit) or the throne of deities in the celestial sky. It should be called the age of deities. On this earth, apart from whether the flood such as the legend of Noah’s boat occurred or not, or whether the civilization of Atlantis existed or not, it can be said that those falls occurred in the story. That is because it is thought that unless some memories or data had existed, human civilization would not have grown so rapidly. According to human history, it is said to be around 10,000 B.C. that the direct forefathers of the current humans made earthenware for the first time. The evolution speed of the knowledge from this earthenware to Pyramid has a dramatic difference from that from Pyramid to the era of Jesus or from the era of Jesus to the knowledge of Big Bang. This explosive growth of civilization started from the extremely small population without having written language or knowing calculation.
I know that Pharaohs and priests in Egypt started from these deities’ knowledge. However, this knowledge was not handed down rightly. The reason is that the side of the domination aimed at eternity by continuing the monopoly of the knowledge. A part of it became the knowledge of Hermes, or the knowledge of Kabbalah succeeded to it through Moses, but the knowledge integration was lost. After a while, one sensor who would end the era of deities became Pharaoh. That was Akhenaten. For the first time on the earth, a human being met the information that everything was created by one god.