The Final Knowledge (20)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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One day, the story started in my head. According to that story, the origin of my soul suddenly appeared at the Southern Cross three thousand years ago. For three thousand years since then, it has been in that position as the observer of the earth. In the meaning of the spiritual world, the earth viewed from the universe was the black globe with dark thoughts and feelings whirling, and only right prayer reached the conscious being of the observer from that dark sphere of gravity. When the time was ripe, the prayer was crystallized, and the conscious that was the origin of the soul was formed.
The day or hour neared, and the consciousness became a soul to be born by what is called the covenant between the celestial sky and the ground. It was destined to have the parents who carry the problem on the earth which was the scar of the war, and had neither hometown nor teacher. In order to fulfill its role, after it was exposed to trials and possessed the ability and human knowledge to carry, it was made to awake. When I awoke after the period of learning, the knowledge of the spiritual world that I had as human knowledge was practically accurate as an outline. The guide from there was to be done by the earth with the covenant between the celestial sky and the ground. The arrangement for it was my companion. In other words, neither my master existence nor I know only what I could know about the earth. In this mythology, it can be said that my master existence is in me, and it also can be said that it is not. I am the sensor of my master existence to change the thoughts into the ones of the earth, and at the same time, I am also the crystallized prayer of the spiritual world on the earth. Because the method of making conscious being depends on the rule of my master existence, I work in the godship of “Toyoukei” or “Amatsutsuki” that was given by the earth in the sphere of the spiritual world on the earth. It also has been arranged by the covenant. Even though the earth side could not fulfill the covenant rightly, my master existence would fulfill the accurate story provided from the beginning of time. That is the will. I have no choice but to embody the will faithfully. I am doing what was arranged three thousand years ago and is surly possible to be done. This is the mythology I was given. I started it without knowing how deep the darkness on the earth was, but the words from Amaterasu, “Could you have started it if you had known it?”, was the only answer.